Recommended DBOG Client 1.0 Level Cap Raise

Hello DBOG Community!

We are happy to announce that the level cap for client 1.0 will be raised to 70.

Cap Release Date: 23/01/2020

Cap Release Time: 4PM CEST

This doesn't mean that the progress for new client will stop. It will carry on as usual.

Hope to see you around!


Level 70 cap has been published.

  • I register and won't let me download the game

    me registro y no me deja descagar e juego

  • no va dbo bugg

  • What an useless news, what's the point of come back to 1.0 if it will be wiped later?What a waste of time.

    • whats the point of even playing this game if it will just die someday, what a useless shit u talking mate

  • the new client still isn't done yet? I have been avoiding playing cause everything will be reset and we will lose a lot of progress when the client comes out. increasing the lvl cap right now is completely pointless, what a massive waste of a update.

  • ejjejeje dale dale k estamos activos pon mas canales k se van a caer porfa

  • So the broken LV 60 Quests are now fixed, or still broken?

  • How can I play DBOG 1.0 if my client doesn´t load???

  • amazing, bring it on!

  • how can download dbogv1???? cant play i need the crack


  • but why? After all v1.0 is will be erased :vvv this is unsense :v

  • no thx, i don't wanna waste my time

  • :cringest: