Recommended Cap level raised & Changes related to account sharing

Hello everyone,

The live server (Client 1.0) level cap has been raised to 70.

There is also a change of rule regarding account sharing:

"Sharing account's is now strictly forbidden starting 25th January"

Whoever is sharing his accounts with his friends, they must change their passwords immediately because starting 25th January any account used by multiple player's will be considered as a shared account and will be suspended.

We have also an automatic announcement in-game regarding this matter to keep the player's aware of this rule.

The main reason's behind this change:

- Daily tickets about items stolen from accounts.

- Account sales.

- Attempts of taking over accounts by requesting mail change.

- Sharing accounts with player's who has previously charged back.

And more...


  • poner mas canales siempre iwal este juego y encima ahora kiere veanear este

  • daneos siempre iwal no entiendo cada dia peor

  • hola daneos no entiendo pk haces esto solo queremos divertirnos estoy jugando a dbo desde 2010 y no me gustaria k me vanearan mis pj me gustaria que no izieras nada de eso ya k todos los jugadores estariamos vaneados y se acabaria el juego eso creo k no es parte del juego y cada dia haces k estemos mas molestos por esos cambios si pines eso todas las cuentas se vanearan tu mismo si kieres que el juego se acabe en tus manos adelante si no quitalo ( legendarios)

  • bugado

  • bugggg dbo????

  • hola k pasa no va el juego k ha pasado daneos dbo

  • hey k pasa el juego no va k pasooooo

  • no se puede jugar esta bugado

  • o que aconteceu com o jogo?

  • Cuando recetean el servidor?

    • en 2013

    • ?

  • hola instale el launcher y el juego pero me dice que tiene que acabar de parchear antes de jugar pero me pone 100% que hago?

  • En vez de hacerse reglas inutiles, porque no mejor arreglan el launcher al instalarlo?

    porque no se preocupan de los detalles mas importantes del juego? de los bugs? en vez de preocuparse por algo que la comunidad deberia preocuparse? es como hacerse una cuenta de facebook, y que luego te digan que por abrirla en otro pc o en otro lugar te cierran la cuenta, es realmente estupido si lo ven asi verdad?

  • wow~!


    thank you~!

  • No, that's a good change, what is stupid is to release a lvl 70 cap on a dead server that will be wiped sometime.

    • what u just said doesnt make any sense buddy

  • I am not sure what made you implement a rule you can’t even enforce. Seems to me like a bad solution to avoid recovering stolen accounts.

    Simply make it clear that: Our accounts are our own responsibility, having a hard to guess password and not sharing it with anyone is RECOMMENDED (not mandatory). If we get our accounts stolen it is not the staff’s responsibility to retrieve them.

    If this is about whole chinese internet cafes sharing an account to farm and blaming each other for whatever infraction they’ve committed, this won’t solve it, it will actually decrease your already small playerbase.

    If you’re lazy and don’t have the patience to babysit BR and Latino communities about their account swapping then let them deal with it themselves, don’t screw everyone else’s game because of it.

  • unsense

  • Stupid rule

    Can't i go outside to play games

    I have 4 computers 4 networks

    I want to ask you how to solve it?

    My account will be suspended

    What are you thinking..................

  • I'm glad you released level 70, but removing the possibility of opening a turtle and an ultimate to buff the turtle is the worst thing you can do

  • I think it is wrong, discouraging and mainly disappointing you leave the game stopped for so long and come with this type of update after months

  • I agree that there are a lot of account thefts, I was robbed myself when I started but ignored it and uploaded it again because I like the game, but to pass or not to pass the password is a player's decision, what happens after he passes the password is his fault

  • I hope that all the players who lent their accounts can change their passwords in time, I feel that a day and a half for that is very little time

  • because we have to agree, the game has been stopped for a long time, and out of nowhere you plan to take away our fun? I don't see a problem accessing my accounts on my computer, nor that I open each of the 5

  • I apologize in advance if you don't understand my English, but come on

    I want to take a question and I'm sure it is the question of many players about "sharing accounts", the big question is if I am playing on two different accounts will I ban the accounts for having a different IP? and if I access on a computer only but open MY accounts, the ones I sweated to upload will I ban them? I think it's unfair, very unfair

  • hello good afternoon or evening, I wanted to know if you could help me with a question that has me worried.

    I play from my computer in my house and also in a friend's house, that means that my account will be suspended, would there be a way to pass that?