Recommended DBOG 2.0 now Open-Source


after a very long time, I decided to make Dragon Ball Online Global open source.

You can now download the server & client source code.


Source Code

FYI: I will keep working on DBOG 2.0 and DBOG stays online.

  • The game must be listed before I can pay $$$$$

  • I hope someone can help me put the game on the server. We can all talk about the money, but I must give the money to the game. Thank you.Please add my Discord ID #1146

  • i can't get in the game!

    • I have the same problem

  • Hope to see DBOG continue was finally getting back into it. The last time I played was around the original open beta tried, to play it on my old computer almost 2 years ago I think but just wouldn't run on it so I gave up but now I can finally play it again. I would like to know when and if your going to reset the server if you even keep DBOG server running.

  • Since Daneos wouldn’t trust his own shadow with access to the server. He came up with the clever idea of sharing the files for developers to attempt to fix the bugs in their own little servers, and hopefully report the fixes back for him to implement them, for free.

    Looking forward to functional DBO projects.

    • This is a first step to revival the DBO Project with new features.

      The source files client/server contribuited by Daneos is very important for make this.

      Now many people may share knowladge from serverfiles or programation and contribuited with code in oficial repository of DBOGlobal.

  • hello Daneos, can show me how to open/view/extract .pak and .rdf file? Thank so much.. i say you this because i will be crazy 😂 sorry my bad english i'am from italy.

  • oie se der poço ajudar sim

  • a new server or what i cant understand ?

  • Thank you Daneos for you iniciative!

    Won't you free the DBO 1.0 serverfiles?


  • I can help with development and documentation for ppl unfamiliar with dbo dev files

    • Please help the peoples to configure the basic files as server and client, video or article. thanks \o/

  • Congratulations on the initiative.

    Please do the forum so that we can exchange knowledge between members

  • Ahh! Back to the Github days. Been waiting to mess around with a DBO server again... sadly dev isn't my strong suit, so this is very exciting to me! Thanks dude!!

  • Thank you!

    Won't you free the dbo 1.0 server?

  • Very interested in a development forum I can provide tutorials

    • Could you help me set it up?

    • I already have a server up and running thanks again for the upload I'll be making youtube videos soon

    • Thanks Natsu, I will be waiting for the videos

    • On the server can you help me? How much is the Discord number

  • Code
    1. More than 3 years ago I have 16 maps of a game called ARK and I am already downloading the code to get to work on it and set up a server.
    2. I would love the forum to exchange opinions and solutions.
  • Nos, én nagyon várom, hogy 2.0 DBOG

  • No se ha rendido, pero está dando la base de datos dbo gratuita ... solo eso para aquellos interesados en este aspecto. al final dice que continuará trabajando en dbog 2.0 y dbog 1.0 osea todavía tiene la intención de seguir trabajando. Vayamos a la realidad, trajo un juego de hace mucho tiempo y el solo ha avanzado mucho ... en mi opinión, me gustaría tener 2 o 3 programadores que brinden ayuda para que tengan un personal más estable y que no solo lo está haciendo completamente todo. Gracias daneos por traernos el dbo, esperamos que trabajes más en 2.0 ya que los sistemas y otros son muy buenos y el servidor es más estable. Espero que no hay más saludos craashee de Argentina usted es un dios.

    • Code
      1. He has not given up, but is giving the free dbo data base ... only that for those interested in this regard.
      2. at the end it says that it will continue working on dbog 2.0 and dbog 1.0 osea still intends to continue working.
      3. Let's go to a reality, it brought a game from a long time ago and the solo has advanced a lot ... in my opinion, I would like it to have 2 or 3 programmers that provide help so that they have a more stable staff and that not only is it doing completely all.
      4. Thanks daneos for bringing us the dbo hopefully you will work more in 2.0 since the systems and others are very good and the server is more stable. I hope no more craashee greetings from Argentina you are a god.

  • This was the best way man. Thank you for providing everything you have done over these years for free and not letting DBO to die. Respect

    • Forgot to add, I would love if you made a development forum. I have programming and database knowledge and would like to dig in but don't really know how to start when editing a project as big as this.


  • And so the dbog ends.

    • This project was already in decline for a long time, I do not know what all that vote was that they were going to reset it and in the end nothing happened at all, they do not take their community seriously.

  • So, he gave up and this is the end of DBO :/

    • No

    • if you haven't given up, show it please 💪🏽

    • This project was already in decline for a long time, I do not know what all that vote was that they were going to reset it and in the end nothing happened at all, they do not take their community seriously.

    • I'm so proud of you Daneos!
      Stay strong <3

  • my feeling

    You don't want to run DBOG

  • give up?

  • Soon 200 failed DBO projects 💀

  • He Finally gave up

  • Interesting.

  • what?

    • Code
      1. Hace más de 3 años, tengo 16 mapas de un juego llamado ARK y ya estoy descargando el código para trabajar en él y configurar un servidor.
      2. Me encantaría que el foro intercambiara opiniones y soluciones.