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  • Hello can u check my ticket please thank you QAQ…account-blocking/&#answer

  • Hello there

    Can you help me?

    Please check my ticket

    Thank you…nswerID=11645#answer11645

  • Miss u! <3

  • My account is blocked. I don't understand why. I collected a lot of hard stones and sold them to the largest market in the world. My account is blocked. I am helpless and need help.

  • Why my account was blocked, I loved Dragon Ball very much and broke through a lot of difficulties to play this game. I don't understand why I blocked my account at least 6 hours a day online today without any reason. I hope you can help me very much. I don't open plug-ins. I've been playing for 6 days, and I can do it to God. Swear, I never opened a plug-in, if I open, I go to hell.

    • I don't know it's wrong to trade money in cash. I want to give me a new chance to change. I want to help more people play the game. I love Dragon Ball very much. I'm looking forward to this game for 4 years. Now I have a chance to play it. I hope you can help me solve my problem. Thank you very much indeed!

    • It could have been the recent bot ban wave. Send a ticket and include your account username. TM EsDeath will verify your situation:

    • Thank you very much for helping me. You are a great God in my heart. My username is 1343872592.

      Tickets are 1802629

    • hi

  • Hello, I'm trying to do some quest, the quest is that the NPC gives me an item, then I must take it to the point it indicates and then use that item to pick up others. I can not perform the action of collecting quest items. Can you please help me?

  • Hello, I was wondering if you or someone else could help get my character unstuck from a corner in the RR Base. He's just floating there and It keeps giving me an error message saying I cant move or leave or use any skills or items. Is there a bug?

    • Use @unstack in the chatbox

      Happy belated rescue.

  • Kirito, I'm trying to log into the game to actually play, but each time I try to long in it says this account doesn't exist even though I clearly know my account username. Could you please tell me whats wrong?

  • Bom dia amigo o servidor esta on ?

    não consigo entrar tem que baixar de novo o jogo com essas atualizações ?

    no site a versão do jogo e mesma do setembro de 2017 ou tem outro link para baixar ?

  • is dragonball online compatible on mac?

  • HI there Kirito I made this thread about who should be community manager I listed you kakarot and boxbox as well as others I hope daneos takes alook at this as i believe u are a great canadiate for the position thank you for your hard work !

    Community Manager Postion Who i think should get it.

  • Hello, dear foreign friends, I am a dragon ball lover from China. I do not know that it is wrong to buy game currency in RMB in China, so my account is blocked, I hope you can give me a chance again, I promise not to make any mistakes again, I hope you can forgive me,,I think you should understand that no one wants to spend money on illegal things, and I'm no exception, unless I'm a villain, but I'm not, I'm just a player who's passionate about dragon balls.I really hope you can give me this opportunity, thank you!

  • Hi Kirito.

    I would like to ask, if you could somehow move the comment #2 and 3 of my thread: 'Comprehensive Suggestions, Balancing and Bug Findings List'?

    When I originally created that thread, I all but forgot to reserve at least 2 comment fields, and now I have run out of characters on the opening post. I got some new stuff I would like to add :)
    Thanks in advance!

    • Unfortunately, I don't think it's possible because posts are organized by time/date and there's no tool to bypass that. The only way is for me to delete all other replies, and then you can reserve the posts.

    • Alright, that is fine. Could I get you to do that? And if not, I will simply make a new thread :)

    • It is done

    • Thank you very much!

  • someone told me to install Microsoft .NET framework or something to play I did but I already have 4.5 so what do I do

    • Install 3.5

    • i cant it wont open the installer I reset my pc aswell

  • Hello , for some reason my character was deleted, but it wasn't me. Why this happened ?

    • If the last time you played was before March 1st, then you should know there was a character wipe (as already planned) for the start of Open Beta.

  • ~Poke~

  • Hey man, not sure how to go about this but I made a post yesterday but says disabled?
    Is this a good fighter hybrid build?

    (I'm sorry, i did try and find a PM button!)

    • All posts with external links are disabled by default. You just have to wait until a staff member approves it. It's done.

    • Ah, I see!

      Many thanks!

  • I was wondering what is the best way to download the game since there are so many versions

  • Que pena que vamos perde nossos personagens isso e injusto :(

  • no me puedo registrar no me llega nada ni me dice nada se reinicia todo

  • nao consigo cria conta

  • oye tengo un problema cada vez que intento iniciar secion me aparece un cartel y dice "Servidor DBOG"
    y algo como "error con los servidores de DBOG"

  • because I can not go to the server says you have disconnected because pull that I occupy help please.

  • 為何我帳號被封鎖了?

  • oi pode me ajudar nao estou conseguindo criar uma conta no jogo

  • olá gostaria que me desse uma ajuda estou tendo problemas ao iniciar o jogo quando eu clico para abrir o jogo no launcher "start" o jogo abre e fecha rapidamente estou com esse problema alguns dias tem uma solução?

  • I'm already 3 days trying to create an account on the main site and so far nothing. I did not get it at all.

    • Eu tava com esse problema também eu so conseguir criar a conta quando eu deixei a pagina original em ingles sem traduzir tenta ai pra mim deu certo

  • I can not create an account on the main site, when I click on send the site flashes and back to the same page