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  • Is there a way to change the model for the Simple outfit Dogi to the android 16 model? I would like to use your Time breaker Bardock mod (Minus the Mask) And would like help trying to figure all of it out. I'm fairly new to modding and have done very few basic ones here and there.

  • Hey Effy, im back after a long time :) how's going ? is this game alive and well ;)?

  • Hi, you did a swap of sayian pod to a vehicle, can you do the same the other way round?

    make the silver star no 8 ocean blue look like sayan pod?

    • Sorry I am pretty inactive.

      I did what you want, just that I use a different color (amber) instead of ocean blue. When I use the vehicle it shows the pod. If you send me a screenshot of the icon of your vehicle, I can rename you the files, so that it works for you too

    • hi, thx for your reply, i mannaged to get it done myself, if you wanna know the ocean blue one is nr 2.

      your hint to change the file name helpt me a lot. i got my Saiyan pod now.

      THANK YOU :)


  • Hello. c:

    I've been into modding DBOG for a while now and modded the Kid Gohan gi that's now in the game officially. I came across your threads and I'm a big fan of your mods. FutureGogeta/Brad told me you may know where to find the Kaio-ken red skin texture? It's been so difficult to locate so I can mess with it. I'd be very thankful if you could help me out!

    • Hi,

      nice dogi you made there^^ Thanks. Hm I can look for it but I have the suspicion that it is a value on the model and there is no texture for it. But if I find something like that I'll let you know, I am searching for a few textures myself atm^^

    • :) I also had that thought but wasn't sure. I appreciate your help. If you think I might be able to help you find those textures you're looking for, I can try to.

    • Thanks, it goes in the same direction, like how to stop that yellow blinking in the ssj aura and how to change to bottom of the charging aura. how to change the color of the 2 purple rings on a +15 weapon. stuff like that I try to change but strongly suspect that they are in the model it self

    • Ahh. Gotcha. I probably wouldn't have any luck with that either. lol

  • Detalhes

    • Sure

    • Detalhes

    • No. Atrea said 4 days ago he'll look into it. Have some patience we do this for free in our little freetime. Unless he tells you he can't make it please don't ask others. Just talk to him, can't expect that a dogi is made the same day you ask.

      Sorry if I am too direct...

    • My intention is to overload it,, since it seems like it does pretty mod. Someone else with more time could do it, so that she does not spende all the time free doint it. My intention was more abaout not bothering her. But thank you.

    • nps, it is just not good to let 2 ppl do it without them knowing, one will be pissed afterwards allways. I also talked to him in discord, he made it and will talk to you.

  • Hey oEffy, no videos from last dojo? I adore you P.O.V in PvP.

    • Thanks.

      Nah, besides from announcing last dojo video that I don't record any dojo wars anymore cause my frames per second dropping to 6-15, I only was able to join the last 20-30 minutes, so I left it to sendoku streaming.

      Would have also hurt to upload that embarressment if I recorded^^

    • Ok, will wait for the budokai ones. :(

  • Drop those glasses! Do you have pinkeye?

  • oi vc pode me ajudar naum estou conseguindo criar minhaconta no jogo

  • Hi where r u