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  • hello, i made ticket.
    can you check my ticket??

  • sir, please check my report.

  • 1.0 client Channel 0 OFF (again)

    Can u fix please?

  • Please reboot

  • Hello there

    Can you help me?

    Please check my ticket

    Thank you

  • GO to My TICKET

  • Can u see my ticket please? I lost aura today :/ bug teleport

  • GO to My TICKET

  • Hello, I really love this game, but my game account was blocked due to a mistake. I really understand my mistake. I hope to get a chance to mend my ways, just once. I hope it can help me lift the blockade. Thank you. Closed account number llllh2008

  • Hello my character bugged in game please see my ticket i am need help !! Thanks ID:RealizeLoveTsuM

  • hello i sent a ticket thuesday please can u check? thank you

  • Please check reply to my ticket. Thank you.

  • hello..can you help me.why my user cannot log in

  • please check my ticket

  • Hello there

    Can you help me?

    Please check my ticket

    Thank you

  • thats a lot of wrong ban happening. STOP IT!!!

  • I am unable to start the game from my launcher...Please advice

  • Account error blocking reason for using third-party software, but I didn't.

  • Hi

    Titania can you tell me what acc or players that my gears was trade to plz cause i did not share my acc with anyone can you help me out plz

  • add me discord ID:conductor#8722

  • look my ticket return me arou

  • electricity was cut from my pc when i was playing countinous dissapearance quest,i can't replay it again,now i can't use an essential ability

  • when i attempt to play the game i get this ''game version confirmation the game is not updated to the latest version, please re-run to update" message but i cannot figure out a way to deal with this and i was wondering if maybe you knew how to deal with this or how to work around it

  • Hey Titania can I become a mod for DBOG because It's one of my dreams to become a GM in DBO and I really want to help out all the payers in DBOG?

    ~I love helping out all the players that need help in any way I can help them.

    ~I live in the USA in North Carolina and English is my native language.

    ~I am available on most days if not everyday because I have work on Mondays and Tuesdays from 12am to 3pm and soon I will be working on Thursdays and Fridays from 6am to 10pm on. My day to day life can get very busy but that depends if my mom needs me to help her with something.

    • Hi,

      Recruitement are close now because the new client is still under developement and there isn't much to do.

      Once it's done and it's officially released we might open recruitements.



    • Thank you for telling me that and you are right about there not being much to do since the new Clint is still under development. :)

  • i'd like to beg you pardon, i really would like to unban my account, is any way to convince or do for you to unban my account please?