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  • bro i have critical problem... in my char have 1440h mute chat.. pls check my ticket..

  • i have 2 ticket, plz deal them

  • In 2013, we lost him. Thank D and your efforts to meet again in 2018. I know some people may not like Chinese people, but I think that we should be fair to everyone because of the meeting and meeting of dragon beads. I did not violate any rules of the game, but I was frozen. I hope to play fairly. Please check my account.ID:WUBI,Account numberz1461140077

  • Hello.I want to tell something for my friend his name is Kamekameha.He got ban for selling/buying zenni.Thats not true he farm all day and night for those money.Because he is rich it donest mean he buy it or sell please admin can u check it.

  • kamekameha is good guy he helped me with everything he farmed all day for thosr money ge dobt buy/sell zenni the guy who repoted is liar so please check it again.

  • Hello. My friend user:kamekameha got banned for buying/selling zenni wich its not true he farms like 12 hours in a day so please check it out. Please uts boring without him ;-;

  • look my ticket pls ticket ID:1903858 My account was wrongly banned

  • i cant download the game

  • this page...es very dificult make one account

  • Fly ability problem solwed!

  • Nvm, problem solved

  • Can you reply to my ticket please, it's urgent regarding Cash shop ^-^

  • Hello EsDeath:

    I have a new ticket ,can you check it please?

  • i have a question how u telort ur friends where ur current at

  • could u reply to my ticket I fixed the problem but tempest didnt unban me nor answer thank u

  • Hi. I reply my ticket,plz check it thx


    You have been banned for scamming another player. Please contact DBO G Support if you wish to resolve your ban. true
  • My adult quest is bugged.

  • Hello EsDeath:

    Thank you for taking the time to check my ticket. :)

  • My account BUG

    Unable to play online, enter the game, disconnect immediately

    My account is not blocked

    Please help me, my account has a bug. Game crash

    ID: 36D

    Thanks :)

    • Only this account will crash the game

  • mano preciso de ajuda meu laucher não ta carregando e já fizs o método la do fórum me ajuda por favor ;(;(;(

  • Hello EsDeath:

    Thank you for answering me,I have update my ticket, please check it.

  • Hello EsDeath:

    I have a new ticket ,can you check it please? 1802920

  • Hello EsDeath:

    I have a new ticket ,can you check it please? 1802629

  • I sended Ticket . no one helping can you check ?

  • Hello EsDeath:

    I have a new ticket ,can you check it please?

  • Hello EsDeath:

    I have a new ticket ,can you check it please?

  • My friend ID: lovezly28

    Account has been blocked

    Reason: Using personal store transaction abuse

    Protest: My friend has not used personal store transactions for a long time. There are no violation records.

    I hope to investigate immediately

    I think this is a wrong report.