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  • I'm waiting for an answer ... and you're connected several times and you do not answer me ... I did not kill anyone, I just made bad comments and it's already too long. Take my account for the nonsense that comments on the reset

  • What happens to others you answer and not to me? I have to beg you, Oke, tell me that I am waiting for the new client to be ready to play and I need my forum account.

  • hi where can i download the ned launcher for tomorrow`s test server ?

  • Hello, can you tell me something about my forum account? When they take away the punishment

  • when are you going to unlock my forum account? I've been doing it for quite some time now and it seems too much already and I'd like an answer thanks my id of the banned account is Manuelx69 ......

  • Detalhes MEU launcher nao quer funcionar ele diz algo que eu nao entendo eu sou brasileiro falo portugues e nao entendo ingles e meu launcher diz DBOGLauncher needs to finish patching first nao sei como eu resolvo pf me ajuda eu estou tentando arrumar a mais de 1 dia

  • hey sry for leaveing here a note but i need to know how i can recharge in the game :)

  • Hi bro, have possibility i enter in server test?

  • Titania.hello,can you help me unblock my forum account?Someone stole my name.So i was considered as that thief.And i cant use the same name as my forum name.

  • Titania, el server cuando lo lanzaran? mañana sale el de prueva pero el Office donde y cuando lo lanzaran?

  • oi sou pedro tenho 12 anos e desejo ser o maior gamer de todos e para isto suerarei voces dos estados unidos tem youtuber neste lugar que nem sabe oq fazer mas pewpiedie e bom mas alguns sao ruins nao que eu esteja querendo ofender voces

  • Bro i need back 3 Ticket 2 F71 1 F51 can u gib me pls.. i create 3 ticket support with video but no back my ticket F71 and 51 can u check pls?

  • how can i make this game german?

  • Hi bro have problem with CC Dungeon F75 Faild Quest :/

  • go to my Ticket System

  • Please boot from

    Always disconnected

  • bro i have critical problem... in my char have 1440h mute chat.. pls check my ticket..

  • i have 2 ticket, plz deal them

  • In 2013, we lost him. Thank D and your efforts to meet again in 2018. I know some people may not like Chinese people, but I think that we should be fair to everyone because of the meeting and meeting of dragon beads. I did not violate any rules of the game, but I was frozen. I hope to play fairly. Please check my account.ID:WUBI,Account numberz1461140077

  • Hello.I want to tell something for my friend his name is Kamekameha.He got ban for selling/buying zenni.Thats not true he farm all day and night for those money.Because he is rich it donest mean he buy it or sell please admin can u check it.

  • kamekameha is good guy he helped me with everything he farmed all day for thosr money ge dobt buy/sell zenni the guy who repoted is liar so please check it again.

  • Hello. My friend user:kamekameha got banned for buying/selling zenni wich its not true he farms like 12 hours in a day so please check it out. Please uts boring without him ;-;

  • look my ticket pls ticket ID:1903858 My account was wrongly banned

  • i cant download the game

  • this page...es very dificult make one account

  • Fly ability problem solwed!

  • Nvm, problem solved

  • Can you reply to my ticket please, it's urgent regarding Cash shop ^-^

  • Hello EsDeath:

    I have a new ticket ,can you check it please?