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  • i need help on how to download the game, ive been trying to figure it out for 3 hours now can someone please help me

    • i have a ticket so if you can comment there it would be much appreciated

    • You have to register and confirm your account via email then you can see download links.

  • Go my ticket

  • Is there a hint of a max lvl cap raise coming soon? Plz don't tell me u don't know cause then theres no reason for gear 55^ to exist and ppl are making profit off of it ijs

    • I honestly don't know when xD

    • Then you reply that way i didnt want you to.......awww mannnnn! killing me

      OK...so what up with the new red aura i see in game and how do i obtain? Is it permanant?

      nvr im just new the auras old

  • 1.Hola buenas tardes tengo un problema en el juego tengo un majin ultimate nvl 54 ..me canjie chaqueta pantalon y botas todas del nvl 54 con monedas de CC pero no me lo puedo poner ya que dice en color rojo clase maravilloso...cuando me lo quiero poner clickeando me sale clase no valido...es un error del juego...probe con comprar el de clase poderoso y si le da pero yo no necesito defensa energetica ya que el ultimate es fisico...ayudenme porfavor se le agradece...

  • hey can you help me please =(

  • Deleting meme's are now a thing hah. okay mr. dictator

    • Thread owner wanted your comment to be deleted, if you don't have an offer to make do not post.

  • my charater ID call FighterHoHo,actually i am not selling zeni i trade for 20 000 000 in 1 time is because my friend need zeni,so i borrow him and he will return,but u banned him,now u banned me too,i am not the zeni seller pls believe me,when u help me to disblock the account i wont trade zeni with other again,pls i am the die hard fans of DBO

  • 1.1.buenos tengo un problema con el juego y es que se me cierra acada rato cumplo los requisitos y el internet funciona bn pero el juego se me cierra acada rato y no me deja trabajar. tiene alguna solucion para eso.

    por cierto en semana santa funciono perfectamente.

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    1. Hi. I have a problem in the game, and that is that my account dyon, I have the experience in 9133, and I've done a few missions and I've killed many monsters and remains the same without uploading, the strange thing is that it only happens to me with the character Junoichi Could you help me solve it as soon as possible? Thank you
  • Hello,

    I've tried everything from running the launcher as admin, to different compatibility runs (from xp up to Windows 8), to even using a VPN and NONE of them worked. The patch is still stuck I've also waited for 20 minutes and nothing.... It's super frustrating, it used to work before and I used to play it just fine. I have windows 10. And I have all the net framework stuff installed... Please tell me what files did the patch add and just upload those to me and i'll add them into my game? Maybe then that will fix it? I tried replacing my launcher with a friend's launcher (he has his game working fine) and still nothing happened. I noticed though in the patcher_config.xml that my patch version is "2" while my friend's patch version is "4" I tried replacing that xml file with his and still no luck... Please upload the patch files (I'm assuming they're some updates to the "Pack" folder, and I'll just copy paste them in there and hope the game works...

    And for future next time a patch or update happens, please provide what files were being updated/patched.



  • Hello, im from Argentina, im confused about the DB Hunt event time... :C

  • Hello! Behaviour! I hope everything is ok in your life, i have a question for you...

    Everytime i tried to make my account to play, i only got the same answer
    "Username or Email already Registered"
    i tried with 3 different Emails and nothing works, i dont have any kind of messages on my mails... ¿Why i cant creat an account? ¿Can you help me with that? I hope you can help me soon!

    and thank you for bring back this awesome game! :D <3

    • Hello,

      Make sure you use chrome without translating the page and also disable AD block, if none of these works send me a private message with your account details i will make it for you.

  • Good Afternoon Behaviour.

    I hope this message finds you well. Please Could you tell me if the payment wall has been deactivated what will happen with the cash shop in game? Thank you for your reply in advance.

  • Bonjour !

    J'ai vu que vous venez de France donc je pense vous parlez Français , je me demandais pourquoi ne pas faire un discord FR si il y en a pas dejà ? Et je me demandais , si il y en a pas , si je pourrais en faire un ? Je pense avoir un seul sur channel sur le discord globale c'est assez peu et ça restreint un peu la commu

    • Bonjour,

      Je veux bien mais malheureusement notre communauté n'a pas assez de population et la plupart des francophones ne sont pas actif sur Discord

  • Please, check it Bug Dragons of Poko Namek

  • hi there, sry to distrub, any chance i could get support? lost real money here.. issued my issue on the ticket support but no reply.. sry if im rushing just woorried..

    • I will check it out right now

    • thanks! have u read my issue :/?

    • sry to disturb again, only got a reply from u yet so approaching u again, and thanks for replying.. did u check my ticket ? please help me still waiting while i lost cash points for no reason.. please read all my ticket

    • I did check it but unfortunately i cannot help you because i don't handle cash stuff.

      Wait an answer from the admin.

    • ah i see, alright thanks anyway il wait, how long it takes to get response from a critical situation ticket support :/.. im still waiting atm..

  • ...

  • Help me

  • when i click in newluncher.exe its say error please make a link

  • Im stuck in the game, when i login my character (in front of TMQ1) the game crushes and all of my other characters works well, I need tecnical help

  • I can not create an account in DBOG! I've tried changing Nickname, Password, Email, and apparently I'm not the only one... PLSS HELPP

  • não consigo criar uma conta no DBOG! já tentei mudar Nickname, Senha, e-mail, e aparentemente não sou o unico... pls help!!

  • sorry to disturbe you i just wanna say to you that iv replyed the ticket that i send :)

  • ola alguem poderia me ajudar nao consigo fazer meu casdastro pois quando finaliza ele sai

  • Hello, why hasn't my account been on the dragon ball?

  • hello can you check the conversation I started with you ..thanks

  • por que no me deja registrar me registro y es como si no escribiera nada ayuda ya que si no, no puedo jugar

  • Please recheck i have 56 posts right now and when you deleted my post i have like 53 or 52 posts.

  • this is annoying,paysafecard takes too long,its a simple serviçe, or its because its the first time buyer?can please solve it?thank you,kk desperate to buy xp etc

  • hey quick question just want to know why you have deleted my post on the <Giveaway #3> thread from Roli i didn't says nothing bad i have just suggest a idea i was not participating i was not able seeing that i was not having 50 post

    • Read the rules next time please.

    • like i said i didn't not participate because i was aware of the rule that you must have 50 post to participate i was just suggesting a idea seeing that some ppl have not read the rule that's all