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  • kamekameha is good guy he helped me with everything he farmed all day for thosr money ge dobt buy/sell zenni the guy who repoted is liar so please check it again.

  • please unblock my account

  • pls look my ticket ID:1903858

  • You still ugly ma dude

    • Not uglier than ur soon to be nerfed class

    • Please, I'll just go to which ever class is broken after they get nerfed :v

  • slave

  • Ryboooooo, is that mangekyo?

  • please Look my Ticket i realy need fast help

    • You need to put the account username and the character name that got banned (ON YOUR TICKET).

    • ok i will

    • Still nothing

    • Sorry for this time I sent it

  • can u help my ticket

    • Will look into it.

  • Congrats :P

    • Thank you pal ✌️

  • Congrats rybo

  • Detalhes Ola amigo queria recuperar uma conta que meu amigo me deu ela foi hackeiada trocarao a senha e acho q o email tambem e o nick da conta e Daniel22

    • Account recovery is none of my concern as a moderator unfortunately. But since you already made a forum ticket you now only need to be patient until a GM or above is available to help you out.

  • images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRdLCvAHDuIketpReQTFUwEnyy4zmaJjCeU8t8pTZcHVyqOxSJ9Hg

    Rybo watching Bleach, AYUDAAAAA!

    • jajaj DA ME +15 AXE Zzzzzzz

    • No!!! Te daré un bot OP!!!

    • Orly ?!! Gib now eaeae

  • Getting into Bleach are we? :kappa:

  • Love your avatar. Hollow Ichigo FTW!

    • Yeah he's just the best xD
      One of the best things about it was this:

      Ulqiorra: defeating me will be impossible
      *3 minutes later*
      Ulqiorra: Wellp, I didn’t think it was possible to be defeated by a human

    • I love his "king and horse" speech. He's so psychotic, yet so good at giving advice.

  • mano preciso de ajuda meu laucher não ta carregando e já fizs o método la do fórum me ajuda por favor ;(;(;(

    • Once a PT speaking staff member logs in he'll gladly help you out. Unfortunately I can't talk in your language.

  • will you reach Super Moderator 2 in the future? xD

  • can you explain to me what part of my post was offensive?

    • As much as I agreed with you, the way you've said it wasn't much welcoming for someone that isn't really an old school player of DBO or a newbie so to speak.

    • some people just need to hear the truth, the forum is riddled with threads like that one and it needs to stop. seriously there's a lot worce posts being made, people arguing and mouthing off each other and all that seems to be just fine while when i say that "if you dont like to play the game just quit and move on with your life." that is going overboard… No offence but mods need to learn where there priorities lie.

    • My point stays, the way how your statement was put was rather rude, so please keep it for yourself.

  • dont delete my posts ever again boi. that MS wont wotk on me e.e

    • Aslong as first, the original poster isn't offended by your reply and second, it's not against forum rules, it will not be deleted. Should you go out of these bounds then theres no reason for it not to be removed.

    • so why it got removed e.e?

    • It was concerned by one of the two reasons I stated, obviously.

    • none of the statements says that it had to be removed prince of all saiyans

    • like you said it will not be deleted but it got deleted tho no statements says it had to be deleted explain please

  • sorry i still can't do dende priest quest

    still can't heal the npc

    • Should be fixed!

  • is dragonball online compatible on mac?

    • No. Client is made for windows only, and to play using macs require other software/programs (that allow you to run window applications)

    • you know how to run it on mac?

    • Unfortunately not running a MAC atm so nope.

  • Whenever I go to launch the game the launcher comes up but when I press start nothing happens. also Can you check if my character Turlock13 is Ok

    • Are you using the latest client ? Make sure you are or else it won't work. Download the fully updated one here

  • good luck ;)

  • Hows it going dude ? Im sorry i dont recognise the username xD

    • Yeah it's alright XD. This is rather a new username plus we've never chatted before :P
      Only recognize you from TW & I like to greet veterans back to this game.

    • Haha thanks :) yeah i was vegeta . Had a few othrr chars but vegeta was my main man. Going to wait till chars are wiped i think as i cba to level for no reason ! May just linger around plat

  • kill me

    • hello darkness my old friend

  • Meow ;3

  • First ;)

  • First ;)

    • Server rip for when again online :( My life is dbo xD