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  • Didn't we use to play together in the game a long time ago? Ingame name was XShin. (Or something to that degree). Sorry if that's not you who I am thinking of lmao

    • Hi Shin :-)

      That name definitely rings a bell for sure! I could be wrong, though, as I haven't played DBO (until now) since KR got shut down. Were you in the guild called Divine back then?

    • Was in a guild called ZFighters(?)led by a guy called Vegitto. To be fair I haven't played for ages myself haha. Used to hang around a dude called "EchoSon" if that helps remember.

      Gonna continue the lore of my little character and play this game again, seeing how it looks like it'll stay around this time. ^^

      Edit: Speaking of which, he seems to have an account here. What a coincidence

    • Hi Shin, and sorry for the late reply!

      Oh yeaah! That is earlier than I originally remembered, but I was a part of that guild too :-D Vegitto and his sister UubMai, EchoSon and the other oldschool ZFigthers KR veterans, hehe.

      Welcome back mate! Did you just start here today, or?

      Yes, he does indeed ;) EchoSon is his characters name. I don't know if you remember Yasmin (a Swordsman), he also plays! Kagu and Malu does too.

    • Pretty much, lmao. Currently more playing a different game, but that doesn't mean that I'm not meaning to pick this game back up again. It's a pretty relaxed alternative to the current things I'm doing.

      You know if Vegitto made the ZFighters again? Lmao. Would be funny to have us all back together. Although my character is different this time around. Bad future kind of deal, although it's more alternate universe than anything? Inspired by the fact that me and Echo had a terrible fallout years ago, so it doesn't feel right to have his character continue being the "caring fatherfigure" lmao.

      Edit: sssh my in game name is "TrueShin" because "shin" was taken and lore and shshh
      Edit2: if you have a discord we can talk over that more relieably