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  • Hi Onfire, after I returned in this game, I received a message from you...

    and I look forward to you online, to appoint you to become a master back... but you did not show up... and a few days later... everything in this game has been reset, I started the game again from level 1 by still using the past name... I'm sorry about lost our guild...

    • Hi, If you are interested in joining TFS we can invite you to our discord channel and then later on in the game.

      P.S Fire doesn't check his wall :P

      link for discord:

    • that's my ex-guild, and of course I'm very interested to join that guild ... until this moment,

      I have not joined any guild, because I still searching about my ex-guild (Team4Star) and fix all my mistakes... and thank you replying my message...

    • Didn't know I had a wall! Email notifications clearly non existant on this

  • hi, it's me XxENCORExX

  • hi, it's me XxENCORExX