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  • hit or miss

  • hi

    Crane Presentation Mastery is does not apply .


    Poison Bleed -> Duration : 32.0 Sec

    Double Gut Buster -> Duration : 10.0 Sec

    Double Gut Buster there is a problem

    Please fix

    thank you

  • Why is my account xiaoyaogg0 banned by GM? I did not use the third party plug-in. There is no offline transaction. GM, please give me an answer. I only opened the game accelerator dolphins in China. Without using transmission, I hate plug-ins.

  • excuse me,2 weeks no news :D?

  • can you help me~!i add you friend

  • Please look at my ticket. I need help.

  • Look at my ticket, please.

  • please view my ticket

  • hello,Tempest,EsDeath is not online today,can you check my ticket ? i really need help,Please give me a detailed reply on my ticket

  • hi bro u there? i have problem to laucher error win 32 and my instaled firework 4.5 and the error persists

  • pssstttt its been 3 whole days since i redeemed a neosurf code on my account and I still don't see my cash points. What's up? You don't want my euros or something?? XD

  • What does that mean? Trashed my post. And i am simply showing Dragonball Fans a Special project that im sure they want to know about not asking for anything or promoting they asked for it i simply showed them its happening.

    • Hello,

      Posting Links to other websites is a form of advertising, and thus violates DBO G's Forum Policy where no advertisement is allowed.

    • Sorry wont post any links even though ppl wanted to see thats interesting rule i can understand if i was selling something but this is just being petty but its all good wont make anymore link comments. Ill just show pictures..... Sorry for the inconvenienceC7gce06.gif.

    • But one question ... i see ppl posting links to show stuff they did on other forums why they are not being harrassed i can show several. Dont mean to be a pest but i think everyone should be treated equally. if you want to see the other posts then i will show but i think its ok for us to show things we did to others specially in off topic. Please elaborate which links are acceptable and which are not.5405477-3585432993-giphy.gif

  • please check my ticket , i need help , TY

  • Server ocupado?? no puedo ingresar al juego

  • hi there for some reason i cant log in to the game

  • GO my Ticket

  • Hey, the channels got fixed a while ago, but why did it happen? (I'm talking about the channels being unavailable)

  • hey you there ??

  • Code
    Hi, I'm having a problem with adult quest. I have the item and when it tells me that "failed adult quest, Korin's Spell".
    Any solution?
  • Thank you very much

  • I understand you're deleted my post, but you should better watch Sendoku is a racist guy who criticizes the French, it's intolerable to leave a player like this in DBOG. Yes I too am complaining about the bugs of the pve, but it's not every day while Sendoku, everyone complains about him in the forum, on discord and in the game. It pollutes the atmosphere and s' hard to make the game as he wants. So also delete his post just above mine that says the French complain for the pve please. I think we all have the right to speak. Thank you for calming this insolent.

  • Hi !, can you help me?.

  • ur stupid tempest u couldnt even look in to it for me i gave date time name and all. and u didnt even look i know u didnt cuz if u did u would have seen that my dogi did disapear and i have vidio im postin on face book and youtube jsut show u and people like u thinks everyones liers

  • Hi tempest mod you gave me a permanent ban for trying to trade my account besides that I never closed a business with anyone you banned me permanently and it is assumed that the first ban is a ban of 3 days I would like an answer to that pls

  • Hello, Tempest. I have a question that I need to communicated with you in private. Is it available to add my discord as friend?

  • I have a question... I used kidclock, and my FOV changed as when you play as a kid, and my game now feels too close to the screen, and I personally don't like it. I have already maxed configs ingame.

    How to get a FOV as if I were playing with an addult character? is there a MOD or some way to edit files to get it?

  • hi my game is bugged pls help me i need zeni and also give me dogi. it is very important and i am new dboG player. please add in SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4, Supersaiyan blue, ultra instinct pls thnx

  • Hey, will the Pure Majin transformation get a buff some day? I mean, it doesn't even have sprint/dash, i think that's a basic skill that it really needs.

    • Hello,

      We are trying to keep the transformations similar to retail, which is why Pure Majin/Kid Buu Transformation cannot dash as they could not in retail.

      Allowing them to dash will give the transformation more mobility with their strong AOE attacks, which would certainly give more of an advantage in scramble/dojowar.



      DBO G Staff

    • In that case you could dissable the dash for the transformation in scramble/dojowar. The point is about to improve the transformation a bit, because pveing talking, right now its kind of useless to be honest, you cant even farm and go through mobs without getting rekt. Also its nothing if we compare it with a turtle, that doesnt even need transformation for good farming, but still got buff in ssj.

      I mean... Just compare transformations, isnt only about to "keep as the retail" How convenient, if it were about it, game would be exactly the same, but no... everybody knows that it isnt exactly the same... Come on, just think about it, don't give me an answer like that. Pure Majin really needs an improvement because it feels like an "imcomplete work" or "demo" of what it could be.

      Cheers and thanks for answering!

  • Please no tempest.
    Maybe if i post on marketplace?

    • The thread that was deleted was considered a trolling thread, which was why it was removed due to violating forum policy. Your new thread you posted can stay and does not break any rules.

    • Dreadlock close.

  • Don't Like Being Annoying In Any way but, there is a problem with the launcher. It Won't Start What So Ever Bringing Up A Prompt saying:

    "DBO needs to finish patching First" Though the patch is at 100% so is the download

    • Hello,

      If you are having troubles with your launcher please move the game folder and its contents on your desktop.

      If that does not work, then try to go to your game folder, open the patcher_config.xml and change game_lang="xx" to game_lang="english" and patch_version "x" to 0

      If that method does not work then please reinstall the game and be sure to disable any anti virus software you may be running.



      DBO G Staff