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  • was on discord. Left a message there xD

    • Thank you. I had 1 Kyros, now I have 2.... dayum

  • OMFG hahahahahahahaha

    LMAO i never checked that Thread. Wrote my Name and never went back to the Thread xD

    Well, guess i gotta do stuff now.

    • Go go Kyros!

      Destroy the server with almighty Poko!

  • I don'th ave access to Test. And tbh i don't think i'll get access. Wasn't really playing since November, Still not playing hhahahaha. I mean i did bring an extra character to 30 real quick but that's about it xD

  • well well well, if this isn't Noobman :D

    How are you? Thought you left this forever.

    Nice to read some crap from you again ^^

    • You know that you could simply send DM on discord, ahh damn I forgot, you don't use it..

      Soo, to show me how you love me, you drag your ass to my profile to write comment on my wall, while you could simply reply on your profile...


      I luv you!

      PS: Nice to see that you are still around, buddy.

  • gayman hhhh

    • Danina Pure Shemale. Sup

  • you sux iceman

  • Your Lord And savior has made a forum acc

  • wassup Lceman

    • Lceman is sleeping as Iceman.

      Please try another time.

  • RabbitHentai/Geico's turtle in pob/little girl = Iceman's loli scrub in pob

  • coming back with 70 cap?

    Why not now? Not enough time?

    • If my job let me yea and not before cap 70 since game is fk-ed up.

      If they fix game, fix bots and other stuffs, I might change mind and start playing, if not, well...

  • Sup

  • Yo, you really gone now? Damn man. Hope you'll be back.

    In case you don't come, was nice meeting you dude. Thanks for inviting me into guild back in POB :D

    Met cool ppl in Guild.

    • We will see each others, maybe in cap 70.

      Make money for me and yourself!

  • Can i join your guild? :)

  • Hello .. im looking for an english guild and someone told me about yours .. :) i would like to join ya all and have fun

    • Alright mate, will send you guild discord link via conversation on forum.

  • I'm intrested in your guild, i have read all the rules and the guild by itself sounds really fun.

    • I send you guild discord mate, I am happy to have you here!

  • What classes do you play again?

    • SK, DW, Wonder Majin for KID Budo.
      For now, will I play anything else, time will tell.

    • Ah. I currently have a Turtle (derp), Ultimate Majin (because guild), and a Wonder/future Plasma (say whaaaaa).

  • u like black clover oniisama? :v

    • Yeah it is epic anime but I like Yami more, it fits my lazy personality lol.

  • What's your Discord, then? I'll add you and we can discuss what build is good for the current level cap of Shadow Knight.

  • I hope u let me stay in PW I will tey my best to donate

  • Hello Ice

    I have to say this that I wont join your guild in Open Beta coz you lied to me that you said you wont leave DBO G Discord and you left so thats all...


    • You wouldn't even be accepted mate. I left because there is no need for me to be there, all cool people I want to talk are in my guild or in my friend list. Plus I was preparing to leave from there for long time, I couldn't shut down my urge to use support channel and as I am not MOD anymore, I was simply buttin there since I get used to it. Good luck with life mate!

  • sup bro! can u recommend me a good pvp build for fighter :)

  • Iceman please help we need u something in pw

  • hi

  • hi!
    Let me ask u man...
    do u know why the server are all offline?

  • I would like to join your guild. I started playing 2 days ago I'm level 29 and play as a dark warrior

    • Level requirement for main guild is lvl 30 for alt guild is bellow 30. Soo if you want to be in main guild, get lvl 30 and contact me or any of PW leaders in-game or on discord and you will be in. Good luck.

  • hey can i join ur guild was trying to make a guild but its not working can anyone tell me whats wrong

    • We always recruit english speaking members, just contact me or one of 4 my guild leaders in-game or discord.

  • Don't this guy look familiar?? Hahah I can't put my finger on it . Iceman kurva?

    • If you are the real deal, then you know me but I guess since you used "kurva", and only old Zolo used it, yea I guess you are the real deal, well 99% xD

  • Do you like KFC?

    • Kentucky Fried Chicken, if you mean this, then no, I never try it.

  • Ok, keep the same upgrade system, I can't do nothing to a moderator.

    • I need to say sorry to you, but I felt offended at how my hours were lost and the topic was closed as if it were nothing =/

    • Well I just do my job, plus many players proved me that upgrade system is fine as it is. You just need luck, white stones and advanced stones, and it will work out. It is alright.

  • Hi dude!
    Van egy kis problémám tudsz nekem benne segíteni? megvolt mind a 7 sárkánygömb és eltünt a táskámból a mai DC nél! :/

    • Jóvá tettél, de ma nem volt semmilyen db vadászat, talán küldetés. Küldje jegyet.

    • tudom, hogy ma nem volt db vadászat, de ma lettem meg 40 -es a super sayajin-hez.

    • thanks dude!

    • Your welcome mate xD