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  • dude can you make a sayain race

  • Hi, I would like to know if you still have the option to exchange email in an acc because I want to exchange my account email and do not have the option, after a long time playing MMORPG games first game that does not have, I am very disappointed, I would like you I paid attention because it's very serious

  • welcome toe-mateo ur not very active here but that's ok I watch ur videos keep up good work

  • welcome bro

  • ...

  • bienvenido a la comunidad de DBOG y te agradecemos por estar con nosotros en la comunidad

  • Welcome bro. S2

  • Hello Matthew first of all welcome and thanks for contributing your wisdom to the game, apparently from now on we will have updates more often. Would it be nice to know what country it comes from?

  • welcome dude, please make a good job in the game!

  • Welcome :D

  • Welcome! we wish you the best :3

  • Welcome to the community! Glad to have you ! : )

  • welcome new developer I wish u luck in your work

  • Since I joined to DBOG my old project is dead, I have no point to continue it. I will try to do my best as DBOG developer.

  • So i guess you own server project is dead, right? But good to see a new developer here, you did a good job on your project and i think you will do a good job here too.

  • Welcome to the community, great to have a new developer around!