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  • Keep up, I support you

    • I Will continue say my opinions in good manner and try make things better for all.i like very much dbo but something need be changed.all people who was play with me in Korean here doesn't play so they can't say what they think.i remember those 3 things wagu,upgrade system and balance was always things that we was complain so I fight for a better will see if my thinks get implemented player who say that they are bad will say good changhe!

    • i'm very sorry for my late reply.
      all knows this, but they won't admit it, since those who is defend and conceal the truth.
      I really hate those people cuz they are boots leaker, and for what? for nothing.

    • Yeah dw.i see here isn't like others mmorpg,what the devs do need be liked or they don't listen just call theyr friends for support.if here continue this way this server will be dead.dictatorship doesn't like to nobody.i get ban and warning just because I say what I think.i even tell to daneos how to fix net problems for slow internet people and I suggest use CC for drop chek my old posts.i don't get a credit and nothing just say I hate because I say my opinion.tell me if is normal to treat people that actually pay and support with a reply just leave or quit.meh

  • you unbanned too? welcome to home buddy xD

    • Yeah just one day :) thanks mate

    • I was banned too, 5 or 6 members get banned cuz they said the truth of this bullshit update.

    • They say spamming,but I don't write always the same

    • Mods team excuses buddy, they always like this. Excuses, nothing real

    • I think this bind items can work only if is applied to cc/shenron/tmq items and they remove downgrade from upgrade

  • I kindly ask you to stop spamming about the removal of downgrade in upgrade system. We've been quite tolerant with your subtle spam but it won't be the case in the future. You are more than welcome to comment and contribute with your insight, but a quick look at your post history suggests a "spammy" activity regarding the subject mentioned above.
    Thank you in advance for your understanding,


    • Isn't spam because I always write new things.I got the right to say my opinion in posts.

    • You can write new things, but I explicitely mentioned "the removal of downgrade in upgrade system".

    • If I think it should be changed I write it in dedicated thread like I do till now...not my problem if the bind update that will kill the server comes out and upgrade with downgrade will just make the game a never ending grind...i already know but you guys doesn't want understand it...upgrade need be changhed and I will fight for make people open eyes and understand it that will kill the game...and it wasn't spam because as I say everytime I write something new

    • "I say everytime I write something new"
      *copies almost the exact same text posted on all threads*

      I've seen it's impossible to have a talk with you.


    • I don't think you read my posts because otherwise you will notice is something different since I don't think what to write I just write it.also is not that is impossible have a talk with me,is that I get told that I spam that isn't true