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  • My account BUG

    Unable to play online, enter the game, disconnect immediately

    My account is not blocked

    Please help me, my account has a bug. Game crash

    ID: 36D

    Only this account will crash the game

    Thanks :)

  • hey is it possible if you can give my character a permanent stats boost like plus 200 all stats would really appreciate it, thanks.

  • hi, i have a problem in my game. can you help rigth now?

  • Hi Gokusama can u help me i stack in master roshi island in water.

  • hi man i cant log in to the game

  • Hello! Could i have the manual english patch link please?

  • Hello, I was wondering where I should apply for helping with the translation from English to portuguese and I ended up here, can you give me some info about it ?

    • You should apply here. Recruiting English Translators

    • That's just for Korean/ Chinese to English :( , I can translate from English to portuguese.

    • Hello,

      Sorry for the late reply. If you are still interested in joining the translation team then contact me on discord.

  • Good morning,

    I apologize for bothering you, but I recently started playing and have been enjoying the game a great deal. I hit level 30 and have been attempting to do my master class quest for Dragon Clan (Dende Priest) and I'm fairly certain I ran into a major bug. Upon the initial portion of the quest "Healing with a Passion" I am required to heal an injured NPC in the road. I walk up to the NPC and target her with one of my heals and nothing happens, in fact, I get an "Invalid Target" message that pops up on my screen. This occurs regardless of what healing skill I attempt to use on her. Changing tactics I tried to use an AOE heal on myself and have the indirect heal apply to her. It shows in the side text box that she has recieved a 700+ LP heal and yet it does nothing, same with the AOE Regen. As I am unable to heal her properly at all, the quest then times out and I fail it. I'd really like to continue on the character i'm playing and was looking forward to playing the dende priest master quest.

    • As a side note, Just filed a support ticket, sorry for the direct wall post.

  • Hello, I just wanted to know if you are aware that a good amount of players have problems with the launcher's translation patcher? It downloads the english translation and everything (apparently) but when you open the game nothing changes, some quests are translated with some kind of broken english, some are even impossible to understand, and a giant amount of quests later on are totally untranslated.

    It's a really basic translation that works to play, but not to immerse yourself in the world, if you know what I mean (story, quests, all that).

    I know that I already asked you in the past, but I expected that it would be fixed later on, but I still see no fix. You can see many players have the same translation errors in multiple gameplays around YouTube, I know because they are the same I see in my own game.

    But well, I just wanted to know if you are already aware of this problem some people have.

    The same problem persists even if you download the translation manually and replace the files, I really don't know how to put it well, so I'll give an example so you know that it's not something you didn't translate yet, but something that's already translated but not on my end, every quest in RR HQ Ruins is untranslated for me (totally in Korean/Japanese, only their objectives are translated, and with some luck some have their titles translated too, nothing more).

    I don't know if it might have something to do with my region maybe? (I'm from Argentina but I liked your english translation more than the spanish one, at least before it got messed up in my computer for some reason) I know the translation is way better for other players, because I've seen players without them.

    I have suspicions that maybe the launcher/game doesn't recognize the translation files or something. Hopefully you can give me some answers, I would be extremely thankful, I would really like to level and read all quests and the lore, but when almost all of it is impossible to understand it's kinda hard :/

    • Hello,

      Yes i am aware that not all the quests are translated yet, but me and my small team is slowly getting the translation work done. Next month translation progress will speed up and will start doing more updates on translations but it will still take a while before all the quests in game are 100% english with perfect grammar. This work is mostly done in my spare time...


    • I understand, don't worry, but I know the translations are way worse for some people compared to others, I might find you a video from someone with these problems and compare it with someone that doesn't have them so you see the full picture of what I mean.

  • Hi,my charater ID call FighterHoHo,actually i am not selling zeni i trade for 20 000 000 in 1 time is because my friend need zeni,so i borrow him and he will return,but u banned him,now u banned me too,i am not the zeni seller pls believe me,when u help me to disblock the account i wont trade zeni with other again,pls i am the die hard fans of DBO

    • i swear that i didnt sell zeni even in POB

  • hi man i have a question 2 of my accouts appear to be in pending status i dont know why they are my oldest accounts i created them for the pre open beta i just want to know if is posible to activate them because i have not recieved any mail for that, the 2 accounts user name are "JhaNz", "Boossie". ty for your attention.

  • hi! I found some little issues in english translation, where can I report them?

    • You can send me via PM or contact me on discord.

  • Hello,

    I've tried everything from running the launcher as admin, to different compatibility runs (from xp up to Windows 8), to even using a VPN and NONE of them worked. The patch is still stuck I've also waited for 20 minutes and nothing.... It's super frustrating, it used to work before and I used to play it just fine. I have windows 10. And I have all the net framework stuff installed... Please tell me what files did the patch add and just upload those to me and i'll add them into my game? Maybe then that will fix it? I tried replacing my launcher with a friend's launcher (he has his game working fine) and still nothing happened. I noticed though in the patcher_config.xml that my patch version is "2" while my friend's patch version is "4" I tried replacing that xml file with his and still no luck... Please upload the patch files (I'm assuming they're some updates to the "Pack" folder, and I'll just copy paste them in there and hope the game works...

    And for future next time a patch or update happens, please provide what files were being updated/patched.



    • Hello,

      Are you talking about the english patch that you are having issue with?

  • hey wie kann ich micht jetzt bei das spiel anmelden ich habe shon mal gespielt aber ich komme nicht mehr rein

  • Hi, its gonna be forever that the dragon balls events are only saturday? because its really hard i see that there are less mobs with dragon balls that in the old game and i think its very short time and very hard to get the dragon balls i started playing at 6:00 AM to get the dragon balls until 8 and i only get 3 it was good but then i played in the afternoon at 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM and i did not get nothing, so i want to ask if it gonna be this hard to get the dragon balls forever or it gonna be like that just for now, I want to ask for more time or maybe a better drop chance because i played 3 hours killing mobs with only the dragon ball icon for nothing. :l

    PD: thank you for reading me and sorry for my english its not my first language.

  • Hi there! could u please support me in an urgent matter involing in losing real dollars here for nothing.. please any chance u could check my recent post or the ticket i submitted? still has no reply from any of the staff, sorry if im rushing, just worried really seeking support..


  • Hi gokusama, could you check ticket support? i got trouble with my adult quest (bugged at korin tower and disappered from quest log) and i don't know what to do

  • Salut Goku dsl de déranger , as tu consulter mon message envoyer sur discord stp concernant le patch de traduction sur lequel je travaille, on m'as conseiller de venir te voir suite à un souci merci de l'aide

  • ok

  • the same problem 29 lvl and nothing more i lost some exp from quests this way

  • hello, I have a problem with the game ... I went up to lvl 29 and I do not receive more exp or mobs or missions (the bar was in 911 out there and did not move anymore), help please

    • Thats because the cap is 29. Once you hit 29 you cannot go up any higher until the next cap is released which is this coming up Thursday

    • gracias y disculpa las molestias

  • ...

  • 1.1. Help How can I update the game to play the open beta, I do not know how to do?

  • I can not log into my account in the game.

  • because I can not go to the server says you have disconnected because pull that I occupy help please

  • hello I'm new XD, I wanted to ask for help when I try to create an account to play the other page of DBGO as he does not read me and he deletes everything and he does not let me create it if, someone knows why he thanked XD

    • Are you sure you are ticking the "i am not robot" before clicking register?

  • Hello
    I'm begging for help.
    I'm still with the game closing all the time.
    I start the launcher I click to start the game
    but it automatically closes and closes
    and I'm suffering from it for several days
    I deactivated my avast firewall and all antivirus
    but it did not work
    I use windows 10 I'm suspicious of accounting error
    the game opens sometimes
    but during the gameplay it closes please
    help me

  • please check swordsman skill " Energy Recovery " its not work correctly ... when skill are more than lvl 1 aren't recover more than 1 RP

  • were is the download

  • Hola buenas, estoy intentado entrar en el servidor pero me dice que mi usuario no existe y no entiendo que tengo que hacer, si me puedes ayudar se lo agradeceria