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  • Help me pliz

    • What do you need?

    • I can not connect to the game

    • You must be more specific, I will try to help you.
      I will try to help you if I can, since it seems to me that the support team is not currently connected.

    • I am french .. sorry if my english and not genial, I created my account I activate them with the code that my send on my address (@) I activate it and that I launch the game I mark my Id and my mdp and ca tell me that it does not exist ..

    • Oh, I'm sorry I'm using a translator as I don't know English, but apparently I can not help you, this problem is not within my reach and should be helped by a support staff member.

      Make sure you have downloaded the client that is available at this time because if you have the previous one you could give errors.