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  • for what i play all this time admin . you have easy go in my account and take out all . this game its not sure . pls reflect

    • so anyway , Verdant this guy is saying shit , thats the guy whos scamming ppl , you already blocked his trade on BadBoyBro char , i have proof ,screenshots , how hes saying that hes still scamming ppl , and how hes saying that he doest not give a f..... about ban bcs he have 10x more accounts , and + hes toxic , saying lies all the time , and i can proove everything , and one more thing we can agree on one thing that hes right 100% , getting trade block on 1x char for scamming thats not stoping him from scamming more ppl like he said he have 10x more acc , pls trade block him on all chars and just ban him for couple days or something , thank you !

    • go away kid i dont talk with kids . you are scammer you try to scam me to sell items too much . i can buy that in ah for cheap

      and dont talk more with me scammerrr

    • verdant can check when what im trading , and when i was trading ,and then he will see that im trading with only like 5 ppl same all the time :D

      and as you can see hes even a little bit toxic here , and i can proove it with screenshot more just tell me where to send it

    • lol hahah you think admins in any game will ban ppl bcs of just some report ?XD so if thats true i can just say everyone is i dont know toxic , and all players gonna get muted ?XD hahahah admins can see everything , no matter how much you are trying to hide some stuff , or moving items to some another account , he can see from your IP adress all your accounts , that i why im saying that is just sad you got trade blocked on only 1 char

    • please leave me to play leave me alonee