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  • Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me with my tutorial glitch <3

    Bless your soul, and please keep helping other DBO players ^^;; if you ever want to play together my name is FutureZamasu & i'm a buffer - I look forward to helping you and others like you helped me :)

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  • me puedes ayudar con un problema

    Cambio el launcher a español pero cuando me logueo dice q no existe el usuario

    • Fijate si te deja entrar en inglés y si te dice que no existe en inglés entonces quiere decir que no es problema del idioma del launcher, asegúrate de escribir el usuario correctamente y la contraseña

    • Sino intenta poner un tick en ignore patch en las opciones del launcher a ver que tal

  • Hello is there a way to check my power level by myself

    • Hello, when you press the letter C it should display a number near the titles that will be your power level, although the number might be higher than it should, there are no other ways to check your own power level than through your character interface or if a friend uses his scouter on you, will tell you the accurate number

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