Need help picking a dogi out

  • hi everyone I'm trying to pick out a dogi for
    My character but I don't know which one
    So can you attach pictures to replies with
    Your character with dogis you own the top winner gets a prize of 10,000 zeni by Saturday. :thumbsup:

  • thanks u so much I'm going to give u the 10,000 zeni I needed this so much bless u I'm busy right now but you should get the zeni on Saturday what's you character name

    Thanks Bro I Help All Community DBOG for free i dont need zeni ;)


    I am the bone of my sword
    Steel is my body and fire is my blood
    I have created over a thousand blades
    Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life
    Have withstood pain to create many weapons
    Yet, those hands will never hold anything
    So as I pray,Blade Works