Dragon Ball: The thing about POWER LEVELS

  • So this is a strange topic to bring up but I'm bringing it up anyways.


    Power Levels are BS and the power scaling community of the DB fan base are annoying as hell (in my own opinion) given how people end up arguing and complaining about how stupid Super is with how it's screwed up with asspulls and Z did this better yada yada -- that's the only time I'm ranting about comparisons that includes animation quality and etc. -- but my main point is that power levels are legit just a plot device to keep the story going and people should calm down with that sort of attitude and try to enjoy the series more for what it is for entertainment.

    Now this could be a more detailed long post with ranting and whatnot but due to laziness I prefer to keep it short and vague.

    This video though says more on this view anyways and you guys should check it out if you get around to it.

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