New craft system guide

  • How the craft system works?

    First of all,now the way you get materials is different than before

    Now its 100% chance to get the material you want

    Jacket/Gloves/Staff = blue
    Pants/Subs = Yel
    Shoes/Acessories = red

    Normal Items = 5 Materials
    Superior Items = 10 Materials
    Excellent Items = 15 Materials
    Rare Items = 20 Materials
    Legendary items = 25 Materials


    Everytime you dissasemble or craft a item you get a point who can give titles if you get a good amounth of points

    Title 1-400 points or lv2 craft
    Bonus:8% material reduction and 5 more materials on dissasemble

    Title 2-1565 points or lv7 craft
    Bonus:16% material reduction and 10 more materials on dissasemble

    Title 3-6250 points or lv30 craft
    Bonus:24% material reduction and 15 more materials on dissasemble
    Title 4-25000 points
    Bonus:32% material reduction and 20 more materials on dissasemble

    Title 5-100000 points
    Bonus:40% material reduction and 25 more materials on dissasemble

    The titles reduction works on every item even cc recipes.


    You can combine low materials to get high ones,its 5 lows for 1 high.

    You can also buy materials capsule in craft npc who gives 25 materials each(random)

    The craft recipes got their materials amounth changed for match the changes

    Now when you dissasemble items with the levels:
    1-19 You get 01
    20-29 You get 02
    30-39 You get 03
    40-49 You get 04
    50-59 You get 05
    60-69 You get 06
    70 You get 07

    Locations for Craft NPCs:

    Starter Maps (Yahoi W. = Popped Grease / Fran Fran N. = Giant Cactus / Porunga Rocks N. = Namek Fountain) = Glove/Staff/Armors lv 11/21

    Korin Village(Korin Forest = Glove/Staff/Sub Lv 30
    Tambourine Camp (Westland) = Armors lv 30

    West City (Westland) = Glove/Sub Lv 40
    Buu Memorial (Yahoi E.) = Armor Lv 40

    CC Old Museum (Mushroom N.) = Glove/Sub & Armor Lv 50
    Newbridge Village (Mushroom S.) = Glove/Sub & Armor Lv 55

    Guard Camp (FearLand) = Glove/Sub & Armor Lv 60
    Snail Outpost (Porunga Rocks S.) = Glove/Sub & Armor Lv 65

    Chanchan Jungle (Papaya Island) = Glove/Sub & Armor Lv 70

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