Change Hairstyle & Hair Colour

  • I'm pretty sure being able to change your hairstyle or hair colour after creating your character is an option a lot of people want other than me, and not only that, but get this - it's a pretty normal thing you can also do in real life. Sometimes you might impulsively choose a hairstyle you don't really like that much, or find out that it doesn't look as good when Super Saiyan (in the case of humans), or just get tired of it, and all of these are your fault, of course, but I don't think having the option to change it would be game breaking or "OP" as it's just appearance.

    When it comes to HOW it should be implemented, I think having consumables would be the most logical option. The consumables can be coupons you get at the cash shop, from the Wagu Machine, and at the Token Shop. You could have 4 different coupons, one that will change your hairstyle randomly, one that will change your hair colour randomly, one that will let you pick a new hairstyle and one that will let you pick a new hair colour. Maybe even an "ultimate" one which lets you change both.

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