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    Yeeeeaaaah, I was with you until you said humans we're weak. If that's the case than why are there a bunch of human melee builds in ranked. It just sounds like your complaining because humans are a bit broken, but not as broken as the buu race, no seriously a good majin build with the right melee stats will shit all over any race or build you bring to the table. Those guys are tough. That being said I think humans are the 2nd strongest race in xenoverse with the majins being 1st.

    You didn't get what I mean, I was talking from a lore-standpoint when I said that.

    I never said they are the weakest race in the game, but that they are the weakest race in the series/franchise, in the series it was made pretty clear that unless they train a lot (and I mean A LOT) they couldn't do nothing, and even then, it wouldn't be enough to fight a warrior from any other race that trained just as much as they did or even less.

    It just didn't make sense for humans to be playable in the game when Nameks, as an example, are naturally a lot stronger. They could've put any other race in that slot, it was a wasted opportunity to introduce something else, but I guess they were short in time and they really wanted to put those stats to another race or something, so they copypasted the Saiyan model and introduced Humans.

    Q: A lot of people ale talking that the server will close either for legal or financial problems. Doo you think that is this possible?
    A: Im planing to host the server as long as possible and I already can say the server will only close when there arent enough players playing anymore.

    Well... This actually scares me, what does he mean by ''enough''?...
    30 players? 100? 200? 2?

    That's how MMO's works dude, look at WoW, there you can be the strongest warrior with the rarest, most powerful legendary weapon in the lore and an armor that only the most powerful of magics could penetrate, but after entering a new zone you'll have to fight wild boars, and they pose a threat.

    If they change this there has to be like quests where you have to kill like 50000 ratmen to make it logical. It's just a way to give the game more difficulty, and remember, ingame stats doesn't mean the real power of your characters.

    Changing this would TOTALLY ruin the entire lore of the game, the story of the zones and etc... There's nothing to fix. It's not about fighting stronger rivals, it's about fighting the problems in the world. From time to time you'll find enemies that are really stronger than your character lore-wise, and you'll have to team up with other fighters to take them on, or take them on yourself if you are strong enough. Basically, you are asking to ruin the entire story and order of the game.

    Just remember, the amount of effort you take to defeat a mob ingame doesn't represent the true amount of effort it would take your character.

    To end my text, look at all the DBZ fighting games where you can defeat SSJ3 Goku with freaking Raditz, or SSJGSSJ Vegeta has a hard time defeating Saiyan saga Vegeta, talk about logic... This is a game about a series, not the series.

    Not a bad idea dude, but I'm sure all forms Freeza had was just to control his power in a better way, the Golden Form is the only ''upgrade'' form he has, that's probably why they can only go Golden in Xenoverse 2.

    I would prefer the Yardrat race though. Just imagine, they start in a random starting zone from any class and race with Instant Transmission by default and some cool energy attacks, and then they can transform into a giant powerful blob that directly teleports at enough range to use whatever attack you want to use to the enemy and hits like a truck.

    I know energy swords got hit hard. It's my favorite path...but now that we have to invest in soul it makes almost pointless when swords benefit more from the physical route.
    Ill find a way though, even with the nerf mark my words

    We'll see, if they don't change this, tell me if you find that path, I really loved my Focused Kamehamehas/Burning Attacks to be strong.
    If you managed well your SP, you could even be a energy SM without losing all of your physical skills and make Multiple Sword Slashes+Focused Gravity Break combos, both basically doing like the same amount of damage or almost, specially when behind the opponent.

    This is something I really wanted in DBO since way back, I'm not sure if other MMO's had it before, but I knew that system from WoW and it was pretty handy and useful in that game, here it should be the same, and it wouldn't rend the SP reset books useless because they could still be used, since in that game you also from time to time would probably reset your skills, even when having another ''Talent Tree'' (that's how they were called), even while leveling, to try another build and see if you can level up faster in those areas with it. In that game you could alternate between PvE or PvP talents, as an example, or totally change the function of your character from Healer to Tank, or Tank to DPS, or etc, etc.

    *On a side note, even if the books are rendered useless, is that really a problem? I want to hear what people think about this, because I know in DBO it was that way so they earn more money from the cash shop*

    Wrong, Swordsman now lost a good bunch of Energy Critical Hit rate and energy damage, that path was intended to be played by the game developers, since there's an entire chain of energy attacks and they get a lot of Focus, which already gave them the necessary damage, even an attack called ''Focused Kamehameha'', and yes, it can work in PvE and PvP alike. They are probably the class that changed the most, and this made them a half-broken class now.

    An MMO that forces you to play a class in a single way to ''git gud'' is stupid, before this change the game offered you more paths to take. A lot more variety. Now that variety is dead and all we'll see is Swordsmen with the same build everywhere. And this will probably affect Fighters too, though they at least still can go full Speed. Basically all Master Classes had at least 2 ways to play the game. And variety=Good.

    giphy.gifbeen saying this for awhile

    I only think they shouldn't give Critical Damage %, but I think they already don't, they could give that to Strenght and Soul, because if about pure damage we are talking about, it makes a lot more sense.

    To me it makes a lot of sense for Dexterity and Focus to give more E/P damage and crit rate, along with Dodge rate and Hit rate.

    If you have more dexterity is normal you would increase the efficiency of your punches, the same with a big focus, you would increase the concentration of your attacks and make them more powerful. It seems pretty obvious to be honest that ''Dexterity'' isn't just a ''dodge attribute'', the name says it all, you are more dexterous.

    Also, there's even a skill in the SM skill tree that is called ''Focused Kamehameha'', because it was more focused, and this gave it a lot more damage than a Concentrated Kamehameha, and why this? Well, because SM has A LOT of Focus. Now this really doesn't make any sense because having more Focus doesn't give you more damage in your energy attacks anymore.

    It made a lot of sense to me that they give more damage and critical rate, because if you are so dexterous or focused it would be normal to be able to make better hits (increasing the damage) and also manage to get bigger hits (critical hits) more often.

    Having a more powerful Soul doesn't give you more concentration in the skill power to manage stronger energy attacks, and having more Strength doesn't make you hit better, any real life fighter would know this (even non-fighters). I don't know where this mindset that it didn't make any sense came from, it's just common sense.

    Now in a personal note, this also completely ruins my energy swordsman build, which his high Focus gave him a big boost in the energy attack, that, yes, it can work in both PvE and PvP, that's the entire point of why they gave SM an entire chain of energy attacks and not only physical, it was intended to be used like that too, and now it's all just ruined... cry.gif

    I think the game should just stick like the old DBO, and if they want to make these changes they should create a poll.

    Didn't say they weren't. I said XV2 is a PS4 exclusive in Japan. Meaning there is no Japanese PC version of the game. Meaning that they would be spending extra money to host a beta for a platform, that they aren't even supporting in their own country. Meaning that, as a business, it's a bad decision to throw away money that they may not make back.

    Sorry, I edited my post while you were writing this and expanded it a little bit, what I meant is that this beta is going to be released for the West too, and here they are releasing again for PC and XBox because they did well here. So they would make that money back.
    Japanese release is a different thing.

    Really unfair.
    Doesn't matter how much they get from the PS players, they would get A TON less if all PC and xbox gamers suddenly decided to not get XV2.

    Doubtful. XV1 sold so poorly on Xbox consoles and PC, that XV2 is a PS4 exclusive in Japan. Be lucky to get an X1 beta in western countries, let alone a PC one.

    They are releasing the game in PC and XBox again here in the West for a reason. Japan is another story.

    Hey yo, I never had the chance to finish leveling my Dark Warrior, are Cyclone, Energy Siege and Dragon's Punishment really enough to kill all your enemies at level 70?
    And wouldn't Draconic Curse be more useful at level 4 when talking about PvE, since it gives an AoE effect?
    And upgrading Powerful Roar increases the amount of mobs that the taunt affects, the distance, and the duration, wouldn't have it maxed out be better in PvE too?

    about fighter i would do concentration on 1 sp and max out Solar fare. Having 5 sp on COncentration is not rlly needed imo

    Hey, the faster you can use your skills again the better, isn't?

    You sure about that I tried it once going my own way and it was not worth it knowing once I step into the plat I got demolish, it's only fun in pve but pvp nope nope and nope and nope and nope orrrrrrr go out all fun till level 70 then use a Green Book Reset and get a serious build :)

    That's also a possibility, I planned to just use him to farm after hitting Level 70, since Focused Kamehameha and Burning Attack are just too cool to not use.