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    Since posts are being deleted for no reason I dont see why can't we re-write it again.


    And if mods think this is rude they can go do you know what. Everyone are sick already from this brain fkng and not doing anything to fix the game and get rid of buggera and cheaters so we can be rude as much as we want.

    Lol if were up to me in ccbd, i would increase boss dmg by alot, that it would require a good geared dw/sk with majin buffs to be able to tank it, reduce maximum LP of those bosses, and give them a buff that reduces dmg taken from auto attack. So the gap between skills and auto attack would be less, combined with lowered max health, so that the time it takes to kill a boss wouldnt be superlong

    So only cashers again can do high level content? CCBD is fine, everything is fine. No need to extra buffs or nerfing. Again only players who play fair would suffer.

    Lets be smart and try not to insult Daneos firstly since he is responsible for this game. If there was not him you would not have played it. We are not here to fight, we need solutions my dudes and fixes.

    Hated pvp in tw, hate it now. Tried it maybe for fun now and to match infamous. 3 matches vs full +15 and like fighters using needles across whole map and stuns is just stupid. I hate it even more now. I recommend re-balance in a way that you delete pvp. It would fix all bugs :D

    But seriously, its dumb. I can understand +15 but if i didnt see it with my own eyes i would not believe that you can needle somebody across whole map.

    you said that too many times and there you go i see you online next day

    I have some free time. Not enough to do smth with my life except motorcycle and dbo....

    I am leveling poko and karma so i can go 5 clients gameplay. And shhhh you will only like me more if i buff you with karma and poko speed. I really enjoy speed more than i should. I got karma poko + 50% speed buff from cc yesterday before dc. It was nutz how much speed I had xD

    Ok im done for real now with this game. Bye everyone. First cc90 then x2 cc50 today. Just no. I dont have time for this...

    My dudes 2 weeks ago i crashed in cc90, today after reset at cc35... Cant we have like bic if i dc return me to dungeon please or give me my money back. I clicked challenge and i got dc second after that. So anoying.

    Just wtf. So we who play and get stuff hard way would be punished for no reason?

    Stop the nonsense!

    "Put lvl 70up stone in game, add +15 items in store and make credit card purchase available. That will fix everything"

    Like heh

    true, but worth it if it means clean game and fresh item restart for all

    Its meaningless tho...

    There is already hard to play dungeons because there is no people to party with and you guys want that wipe so much. Only gear or everything just no. This few who are left will leave.

    I am playing with tripple client rn and i am making fourth. So i have crane,dw,ultimate and making poko. Its sad i have to play cc solo.

    If there is option and if its posible duplicated stuff needs to be deleted, bots needs to get banned. All +15 gear, all accessories if its bugged to get it shousl be deleted. Like what is chance to drop or craft two or three or more exactly the same items.

    Please stop with wipe shijet. Even if you leave only chars what will you do with no gear lol.

    I wont respond more to this i said all i wanted. Thanks everyone.

    People should focus more on fixing game and making it more fun to play rather than fight and complain all the time. I am sorry if i was rude to anyone but ye my that's opinion. I said other day that economy is one of the key things that needs to be fixed because its ruining gameplay a lot.

    There is still lot quests that need to be fixed and even today i found a bug. When i use sleep on blue map those mobs that use pikes they keep piking ground even if asleep hahah. Found it quite funny actually.

    edit: blue map explosives quest is bugged. Quest at ghost canyon.

    goodjob, its just a pity you need explain ureself like this to some ignorant forum members

    Dude you and your buddy shinji are arrogant ones. All you do is insult and write "nobody forces you to do this, nobody forces you to do that. You deserve that" and on...

    I've seen multiple posts and many can confirm. Trying to prove smth while insulting other's wont help you much. You should stop with your bullshit honestly.

    Mister cashalot its okay if you support game and if you donated hundred's of dollar's but ever since i came back to game and forums i see you spamming with negative attitude. I am no mod or admin but this isnt helping to make game any better.

    Everyone shoud do like in preopen beta when there were posts about bug reports, gameplay issues and stuff about FIXING and MAKING game batter. This is just sad rn.