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    Lol most people who disiked this post are ass-licking xDD

    Lol or they just hate idiots like this guy. Oh man I wonder what Daneos looks like in real life!! Probably fat right guys??? Hahahaha you are a very interesting bunch of middle schoolers.

    "Don't play the game" when you can't play l0l

    You know what I meant... Or maybe not, yeah actually judging from your other posts (the meme spamming) I guess you don't know what I meant, so I guess I'll elaborate. What I meant was don't play the game, as in, not play the game ever or at all.

    Hahahaha, I come back from a hard day at work to this little kid trying to insult me, also posing as a "Developer". Again I will say, stop cry and don't play if you don't like it. I've probably reported more bugs than you in the first few days of the release. Unfortunately, I don't have time to play or report bugs anymore. While you're sitting here stressing over a video game, I'm making money. Who's the real winner? ?(

    Ok guys I know this is annoying but there is no need to be as annoyed as you guys are.These guys deserve to be punished but there is no need to feed this guy with flames so that he can continue to say crap that makes ZERO sense with his broken english.

    There is no reason to freak out as bad as you guys did firstly your characters are getting wiped so it's already going to be taken from you. Secondly it's not even open beta so bug abuser's are kinda normal and it's not like they are abusing the cash shop which uses real money. There's no need to talk to idiots like this and to be honest they're not worth your time anyway so just chill and when bugg abuser and still around when the game comes out then you can freak out

    Who's flaming him? I simply stated my opinion about the matter. He tried to justify bug users just because it's Pre Open Beta and basically implied that we should let these losers kill us just so they can have "fun". I don't think you would be saying "Ah whatever, these guys are just having fun, in the long run my stuff will get wiped anyway" if you were killed.

    I don't think you understand. If their armor breaks they have to pay zeni, which is a waste. It's not the victim's fault for wanting to buy something at the Auction House, then getting killed over and over by some stupid bug user little kid who thinks he's cool. That's stupid, I'd be pissed if I was killed by some loser abusing a bug too. Why do I have to waste my time repairing my armor just so these e-brave douche bags can get their 2 seconds of fun and laughter?

    Hahahahaha. Dude you make my day every morning with these posts. Lmao seriously I have a laugh whenever I see your posts. Keep up the good work man :thumbup:

    I know right guys, how dare Daneos not get better servers!!! How dare he even put up the game so we can play it!!! Hahahaha it's like these people think Daneos has a RESPONSIBILITY to produce this game for us.

    no there doesent have to be another server like i said. Simply set aside one channel for vip

    And make it even harder for regular players to get in? Some people can't even donate, so that's really unfair. It's not like it's a cosmetic like a dogi or anything, you're talking about a whole channel just for people who donate.

    I saw this thread and laughed... Why would he make you pay to join another channel instead of just adding another channel and make it free to join? I don't think money is a problem as of right now, so there is no need for this to be added.