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    Arrow knows what I'm talking about. He remembers. That stuff shouldn't happen and on the 100 floor challenge, it should be bind on equip. Why? So that I will go with my dende instead of you waiting hours for a dende that's willing to go. Again, people who will have a main as a dende or majin will be tiny in comparison to how many people will have human characters. So, why not make the coin machines bind on equip? That way, I can go on my dende heal you and buy my human armor if thats what i want. Problem solved. Don't make us wait hours to find 1 dende main whose willing to go.

    Trust me. If you do this, people will think twice. "Hmm... If I make a dende healer or a majin buffer, I will get into parties faster and get my equipment for my human at the same time. Ok, let me go make one."

    Background info: The 100 floor challenge, I forgot the name, machines would only allow you to buy equipment for your current character. I think this is a terrible mistake. Or it was bind on pick up, I can't remember exactly. But, I could not be on my dende, do the 100 floor challenge, and buy my human stuff from these machines; same bind on pick up issue with kraken and some other UDs i cant remember.

    Guys Dragon-Ki is great but if you want to do something while you rebirth you can play Dragonball: Fallen Tactics. Its similar to Dragon-Ki but more stuff to do than going afk training. To become a legendary class is a lot harder. It depends on when you create your character. Again, this is on byond games.

    Hey all. There's

    a cool dragon ball z game that you can play while you wait for this

    game. It's called Dragon-Ki by byond. Look it up in google. You have to train and level to be the strongest. You have to get dragon balls. There are costumes and events. Check it out.

    If your high enough level, you could hold ssj forever without fighting anything. You needed to have good gear or jewelry. On the other hand, it would be cool if you could turn off the aura.

    Majins were halarious. I had my kid buu majin with an afro head dogi and roshi sunglasses and beach dogi with sandals rofl. I like ultimate for buffs and off heals.

    That's what I'm saying. They should be tradeable and sellable. A Namek healer might want gear for their human too, but they are there to help heal you so everyone has a chance for the gear. Even if they dont implement this, I am still going to play this. Just saying how they had it in DBO was bind on pick up in UDs. It should be bind on equip. You can carry the item and it won't be bound to you unless you equip it. That way you can sell it or send it to your human. This was true in UDs, but not in TMQs, from what I remember.

    I think a good idea for dungeon loot is to have items be bind on equip. Being a Namek healer, Namek tank, or Buu buffer, you could not get gear for your human. One of the main problems in getting groups for any dungeon, back when DBO was still around, was the lack of people who wanted to be a Namek healer, Namek tank, or a Buu buffer. People would try to multi client, a really bad thing to do for any game, to be able to do things in-game for lack of buffers.

    Devs please make it so items in dungeons are bind on equip and can be rolled for by the whole party. I would not mind being a Namek healer if I have a chance of getting loot for my human.

    I mean those in the community that do not want to play a ssj is exceptionally low. You can't expect that tiny population to queue for dungeons for everyone. People are going to get bored of waiting. Just a thought.

    When DBO was still around, you had to use the dragon buffs before you went ssj or you could not use them. Also, I think you had a limit to how many buffs you could have on.