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    Well idk bout you but i used to get 7 db's / hour in retail dbo.

    In retail dbo popo boxes always had a db on them so you could just farm them there. Here it ain't like that making it kinda difficult to get the dragon balls.

    Don't know how. I don't know anybody who would average that many, at least not on Taiwan.

    One time I got 8 dragon balls in fear land (The map you teleport to from red map) And another time I remember getting 3 straight drops on Mushroom Map. However it more than balanced itself out, and these where VERY isolated incidents. Once level 70, your kind of stuck. There where only 5 channels on retail, and papaya island was always farmed.

    This is coming from somebody who had all the dragon buffs and transformations on 3 separate characters, So I did more than my fair share of hunting.

    Back to the point though, we either need an increase in the drop rate here or more sessions to farm.

    Also I seem to remember that the popo box thing was more towards the end of the games lifespan. But I do admit I am little hazy on that. I also seem to remember that these dragon balls could be gained on top of the ones you could farm, making it possible to collect 2 full sets.

    No the problem is that all the noobs that flying around aren't killing enough mobs themself to make them spawn + this success rate is low + we need more days. Here go vote: DB hunt schedule need to change!

    The problem is, that when you do spend time clearing an area to respawn DB mobs, somebody else just lands and takes the kills, this was always the case on retail though. On top of that, certain classes have much easier times clearing the areas than others.

    The drop rates on retail where horrible also. To me this seems a little lower, however I could have just had an 'unlucky' day.

    I dropped 1 ball in the 2 hunt sessions. I must have killed over 50 dragon ball mobs in that time.

    I use to average 2 or 3 balls per session on retail DBO.

    The main difference though, is that there was a dragon ball hunt twice every single day on Retail.

    Limiting it to Saturday only is making it difficult as everybody is waiting specifically for the Saturday events to begin. Almost (And I really do mean almost) every single ball I have gone for I have either been marginally beaten to, or a second after I go for the mob, another player turns up and tries to steal the kill, Its leading to a very unfriendly atmosphere.

    Retail had a rule that you had to kill a mob +/- 5 levels of your level. If you removed this rule it would spread people out and make things a little less congested.

    I never had a fighter before... I played other classes in TW server but i think the point of a fighter is to change between speed or crit mode everytime u want, thats why i want a build for both modes. I saw already that Blitz fist at max lvl and i think its awesome, its like having 20% atk/movement speed forever cause u dont have to wait when u wanna use it again. About shake i maxed it because i tought it could works again other fighters but its ok, i will leave it at lv 1. My question now is, its worth having blitz and thunder both at max lvl? I dont know really how much % atk speed u need to kill everyone in 2-3 seconds. Im sure ill get some speed gears so im not sure about what lvl should i leave both skills


    As i mentioned above, Attack speed cap is 100% with 1100 attack speed gloves (The 1100 on gloves refers to the delay between attacks, which makes them faster than 1160 and 1220 gloves). As you can get 26% from your gloves and 26% from your pole, (52% total) and 50% from thunder, you are already at the cap. The extra 20% does nothing. Thanks to dash the movement speed blitz provides is negligible. Once thunder expires, you can use blitz fist to get up to 72% attack speed, but that amount of speed is weak, don't bother. Also bear in mind, attack speed increases auto attack speed, not skill speed.

    As for points in thunder, up to you, 2 can be enough, 3 usually is. Anything that survives 20 seconds of max attack speed will be a Shadow Knight, either one that is well geared, or one who has auto pot glitched.

    Also bear in mind, that your opponent wiil only stick around until your kidney shot stun wears off, then they will dash away. Kidney shot stun duration is 7 seconds. And remember you can only auto attack while thunder is up, so you cant use quick attack to catch them.

    Screw attack speed build pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    put the last 2 points in whatever you want, solare flare wouldn't be bad

    Might as well edit this comment to laugh at every people being like "hur dur second place budokai on tw so you should trust me" when it hasn't mattered for ages, nobody takes "pro" beside" Nady seriously because the game became a cash shop shit fest after the 2011 era, please stop lmao.

    Care to add something constructive to this? Or do you just not like it when people actually know what they are talking about? Whichever way you want to look at it, I have very comprehensive PVP experience. If you don't wish to acknowledge that, then that's up to you, quietly keep your opinion to yourself, and stick with that build that you have just posted.

    On a constructive note, why would you not use attack speed on a fighter? There is absolutely no constructive, logical or rational reason not to use it, the utility is an excellent addition.

    Your suggesting that to run solar flare and intimidation together "wouldn't be bad".... You are aware that they don't stack, and intimidate is the far superior option due to the fact that it can be used again immediately once the duration has expired even with 0 cooldown, and also has a 25 meter range compared to solar flare's 10 meter range? 70% hit rate decrease on solar flare sounds great, except it has a 10 second duration and 90 second cooldown. In party tournament solar flare is useful.

    Why can't you pop intimidation upon expiry of solar flare? If you have enough skill points to run both, your doing something very wrong. Your also relying on success rate mechanics, where fighters never use success rate stats. I believe focus also improves success rate, but you only use focus vs other fighters who have high dexterity, which provides increased resistance.

    You'll also find that SK's (Which you will come up against a lot) use success rate for a lot of their attacks, which will completely bypass your dodge rate buffs or debuffs in this case (The resistance dexterity provides will help, but hit rate reduction will not) Dexterity being a primary stat has several uses (Dodge rate, Crit rate and resistance), where hit rate being a secondary stat does not.

    Swiftness really is not mandatory, though, it also has situational uses. Cooldown is 4 minutes, and you wont get time to use it in budokai very often as other buffs take priority. In a really serious PVP build, those 4 points you would save can be better allocated, if your smart about it.

    Kaioken 3/3 is not worth it.

    Remove the 3/3 in shake immediately if not sooner.

    Remove blitz fist as speed caps at 100% (And 1100 attack speed on gloves) and in 70 cap you will have upto 52% from gloves and pole and 50% from thunder. The 72% you would have when thunder is down is woeful.

    Why are people suggesting to put a point in IT? He has asked for a PVP build. If you have a propper PVP build that point can be MUCH better spent.

    (This is from second place in TW Server 2 and many 3rd places.)