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    You can sell drops to NPCs to slowly build up zeni to buy extra stones off AH.

    Do you know how much u70 purples go for or even pinks? That would take an absurdly long time to even get +6 on a lvl 70 weapon if someone used your strategy at a low level trying to gear for end game, and thats not even considering if they want a higher + like 8-12. Why not get to end game and actually grind drops where you can potentially make way more money than just selling rubbish drops to NPC's and then you could possibly get u70's to drop without having to buy them? It seems you want the game to be even more grindy than it already is.

    Honestly, the only benefit that comes from this is clearing the leveling process faster. Instead of trying to clear your leveling process faster, take the time while leveling to build up your resources so that you are ready for lvl 70 when you do reach it.

    What your saying doesnt make sense lol. You have to grind for equips and stones around 65-70 anyway to actually be viable for end game and PvP. Theres really no other way to build resources as F2P early on(1-65) unless you cash and sell what you get to buy stones off the AH. That being said why would you then want to slow the leveling process for players who are trying to reach the end game grind?

    I notice bonus xp weekend occurs and we receive 50% more xp per mob kill. My suggestion is that bonus 50% xp is implemented daily(24/7). If its made possible on the weekends then I know its possible to make it daily. 65-70 quest are still broken and this can be very discouraging to new players who realize they have to grind nearly 1.6+ million xp for 5 levels straight. Even as a veteran player, I find this very annoying and time consuming especially on my single target classes. Most private servers distinguish themselves from the main game by making changes that make the private server more enjoyable than the original. 50% just on weekends isnt enough. I understand that 200% is in cash shop but as a developer knowing that your game is still missing critical components to leveling you would think players would be compensated a bit more without having to spend money for just 1 hour of xp.

    in fact, should be -2.0, after all it is using the older Korean version,some things will not have in it I think

    such as upgraded skills, dogis,last dungeons,items,quests and game functions this is just a guess

    may be more editable to deploy things in this release."Concluding is no longer Taiwan"

    Whats your source for what your saying?

    Former Strawhat Zen here. Our guild disbanded back in Pre Open Beta then many of us went our different ways into other guilds and some just quit. I do not recall the guild reforming in the open beta.

    Hope this brings you some closure.

    Whats up everyone, I just want to get straight to the point. Im sure this topic has been covered already but I just want to reiterate the problem. The Lvl 55 starting quest which leads to the chain quest is broken. Now for most players they say "What the heck and just grind it out". But for the casuals who just quest to get to the next level this brings the game to a stalemate. I Was wondering if you could fix this quest so we could carry on leveling.

    Quick question to anyone working on the server, I was wondering if certain areas in game could be open PvP every so hours, so PvP wasnt just limited to Arena, Platform, and Dojo Battle. It would be alot funner to have Open PvP where guilds could meet up and duke it out. Or maybe just a duel option that allowed group fights anywhere except in cities, and villages. I was also wondering, will there be Double XP to counter that annoying grind from 50-55?