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    So guys i see some players that has their gloves hidden and i scanned them with my scouter but i saw them wearing the gloves in the items how can they hide their gloves can some one tell

    Daneos is the martial arts class attack speed will be fixed i watched some videos and played the last test and i noticed they were bit slow in casting skills and normal attack not like the old dbo

    that`s exactly my point we don`t know witch going to be the most populated server i hope its the EU or the NA and i hope its full of english players lol

    well thanks for ur reply Saito i am gonna play on either EU or NA with my old pals i wonder if my old friends from zlegends or legion or cream or uprise or on one of those servers like kiera zolo zgoku black tornado and spark and iceman and strider well i hope to see them on 1 from these servers

    gosh i really wished it will be 1 server because i thought this way every one will enjoy the game 1 server will be alot of fun many servers wont but will its up to the GM`s to decide but i am still going with 1 server option cuz this way everyone will enjoy the gameplay i mean come on wont u guys enjoy moving around seeing lots of players questing fighting missing around i prefer if its 1 server well i just had to know

    guys i know its too early for this but i was wondering if u gonna make 1 server and put all players with it but we will have another channles or u gonna make 2 servers well if i had to choose i will choose 1 server because of more epic playing experience i mean its just more cool to move to towns and areas to find lots of players killings mobs or relaxing in town or killing monsters witch we can have lot of parties for helping and stuff besides some players have friends and different countries if u made 2 servers what if some of ur friends is there and the others are here so please GM`s and devlp please just make one server with different channels trust me its the best choice ever i mean come on who would`nt enjoy watching many people around him fighting mobs and finishing quests its better right well and if even happen that u are lagging u still have the option of changing channels so i see 2 servers are just bad choice well its up to you to decide not me but i am hoping and wishing that u think about what i said i vote for 1 server with different channels!

    But isn`t vegeta hair already in the game the TMQ vegeta hair i wonder if adding his hair will be problem but thats not the point u guys still didn`t talk about the problem of the skills i mention in my post

    also i saw the videos of dragon ball online global and i notice that martial arts skills are slow did any one else notice that also i was wondering if its going to get fixed

    Hi Everyone! At First Guys I This is not my opinion i have seen lots of threads requesting for new hair styles such is vegeta and goku etc and dogis that were in the dbz like majin vegeta armor and vegeta saiyan armor and stuff and i support that we could always use the new looks and i have noticed on the videos of the dbog that skills like wolf fang fist and some of martial arts skills are so slow and i was wondering if that going to get fixed and i have got some advices do not change the old classes skills and do not make instant transmission to every class because that will make you get bored fast trust me
    i know because using flight will be pointless and pets teleports will be pointless as well all classes were perfect the way they were and i would like to hear ur
    opinion`s on this guys and hope to see the open beta soon Thanks!..... ^^ ^^ ^^