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    I have a doubt.

    Can the "Kami's Assistance" be used on self ? by Poko and Dende ?

    I mean, if a Poko/Dende is paralysed, can he use Kami's Assistance to cure himself from paralysis ?

    Thanks in advance.


    I am currently using this build, and it seems good for both PvE and PvP, but without any AoE attacks. Only 1v1 for PvE. But advantage with High Attk Speed.…0000051541005044000420040

    I use the Poko Land Dragon, to take Tank and distract large group of mobs, in case the mobs call for help.

    make sure, you are havin Attk Speed stat on both Staff & Gem.

    I also use the Land dragon to take Agro of Boss/Ultra, I also use both Kami's Blitz and Kami's Awakening on the Land Dragon, to make it more effective killer, when i m playing alone.

    Hope this helps.

    To the DBO DEVELOPER's Team,

    Poko Priests are unable to summon their Demon Gods.. This is a big bug that needs to be fixed, as it affects the entire Master Class, Poko Priest.

    This game is in its Pre-Open Beta, and ofcourse it is expected to have bugs like this. But, developers are not saying anything in regards to this. Atleast, I couldnt find anything in the Forum regarding this bug (Sorry if it has been discussed by a developer elsewhere).

    If you could atleast, let us know that, this bug is being looked into, or will be fixed in near future or something like that.

    Because, it is unfair, that only bugs from most commonly played Master Classess are being taken seriously and that, since not many Poko priests are in the game, it is not considered important, or not given importance.

    And again, I am not being silly or anything. I am just another Die Hard fan of DBO, and i was waiting so long to play the Poko Priest character, and now that i have it, I couldnt play the important part of it, the Summoning.,

    Demon summoning, makes it so much easier for lvl up, as it is easy to do missions and PvM., it is so hard to do without the summons, as i have to spam myself too much of healing spells., like Dende Priest.,

    So please look into the issue, and kindly acknowledge that atleast this thread is being read by a developers.,


    I can understand.

    During the DBO Taiwan and Korean,, it was so difficult to find English speakers in game. And man it was a Hell, in regards to communication in-game.

    But, DBOG is different, its mostly English speakers, and minority is other languages. So i dont think we will b having communication problem here..


    Anyone Comment on this?

    I m confused... !!

    One more doubt!

    The Cooldown reduction in the Dragon Clan.. Passive!

    does it reduce 5%, 11% and 20% ??? (or) 5 sec, 11 sec and 20 sec???

    Its confusing!

    Also, in Poko Priest Skills., Increase Duration skill,,

    does it increase 17% and 30% ?? (or) 17 sec and 30 sec???

    It is confusing, cause, in the English translation, the % or Sec is not mentioned...

    They should definitely add an afk timer. Otherwise, the servers would just be overrun by people who never log off in order to stay within the capacity. Even though it's the pre-open beta, something like a timer is crucial X/

    They should add a timer with a captcha system cuz an afk timer can be easily circunvented multiple ways.

    I totally agree with you..

    If there isnt a AFK timer, people would missuse it alot...

    Adding a captcha is the best way to kick the AFKers... :whistling:

    You guys are over exaggerating the pre open beta hasn't started yet


    This is not over exaggeration., it is fact.. When pre-open beta opens, there are too many of us waiting to play.. 500 players is not going to be anywhere even close to being enough or satisfying...

    I guess, till now, u had the privilege of founder pack, that you didnt realise the problem.

    Once the pre-open beta opens, its going to be a long wait, since, the server will be busy or full.,

    @DeathKey As deathkey mentioned,the only other option is to add more Servers with 500 participant limit, or to increase the server capacity..


    Really??? I didnt know that...

    Could you explain? I didnt know, Poko can solo without the dragon.. Dragon is powerful isnt it??

    If you have any video of Poko, share it, i would like to know..

    Your build is good. .

    My personal preference would be something like this...

    This kind of balances both the PvP and PvE...

    But the main question is regarding the Summoned dragons... Do you have any information regarding the skills of the summoned dragons. Since, I want to max out only on 1 dragon. I dont want to use both the dragon.

    Do u happen to have any info on that???

    So Guys, I am pretty much fixated on being a Poko priest since i like the abilities and skills and still able to be a Semi-Healer in a team...

    It has been long time since I played DBO, so i almost forgot about the skills of the summoned dragon.

    If i m right, the two dragons that can be summoned, One is Physical Attk (Walking Beast) and other is Energy (Flying Dragon),. I never knew their name, since it was all messed up in korean language DBO.

    So my question is, Which one is better, and for some reason, I used to stick with Flying Dragon, the one uses energy attacks..

    Would like to get info and suggestions on this one. Btwn, I am going to use only one of the dragons, since i dont want to waste Skill points on both...


    The reason you cant login is because the dev server is still open to founders with all the accounts and items still there. As Daneos said ^ when pre open beta starts, everything on the dev server will be wiped and turn into the pre open beta server so right now, its only still open to founders until Daneos announces pre-open beta has started. Only then can everyone login and play :O

    Hey, from the looks on the website, all characters have been deleted!

    Are you saying that, the server is still not clean? You can log into Dev server now?

    Well in that case, it might be couple of more days. . I guess, everyone got excited, since all the characters in the website were deleted from the Ranking list.

    Thats all the excitement about... I think So...

    Advance Happy Birthday Dude!!

    And how did u get to know that the game will Open on 22nd June?? Did you get any information, as part of the Founders Pack or something??


    You are just taking a guess??


    Dont worry... It will work just fine.

    If you face too much of lag or graphics problem, just reduce the Graphics/Display settings in the Game to minimum.

    Dont worry, I am very sure it will work in your system. Just download the Game and wait for instructions. Once, DBOG, tells us what to do, we can start playing :thumbup:

    can someone tell me the minimum requirement? Please!

    Operating System: Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2, or greater
    CPU: Pentium 4 1.5GHz or greater (2.4GHz)
    Graphics: Geforce4 Ti4200 or Radeon 8500 (Geforce 6200 or X800)
    RAM: 512MB or greater
    HDD: 10GB or greater

    This is the recommended System requirements. I guess its also the minimum requirements, Not sure if the same.

    Technically, systems cannot be any lower configuration than this. Unless, the PC was bought a Degade ago (Except for the Graphics Card). .

    So I m sure, your system will be well suitable to play this game..

    If something low like that was the default rate then have some events where they increase the rate for a certain amount of time, could please a lot of players being a nice middle ground between the two ideas.

    That is exactly what @Tummi94 is suggesting.

    read his previous posts in this thread, you would understand. He says, to have a low drop rate 24/7 , but increase the drop rate for event...

    I really think that the server size should be in increased also, but (Don't know if this is true) wouldn't that mean more lag and more RAM space would be needed to run the game? This probably isn't true.

    Indeed , That's a good point ...But it actually have some side effects , like lag and all , We don't want to have problems with the game such as disconnecting automatically like it happened for me while testing months ago , I hope Daneos consider that..


    First of all, it is a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online)...

    It is suppose to have massive number of players online at the same time. Do you think 500 is a massive number??

    And what about the actual Open Beta begins?? Do you think only 500 will be playing the game?

    Lag is based on the internet speed. Since the game is still in the bug fixing period, yes there will be some lag. But not cause of the number. If we have good internet, Lag is not main concern.

    And currently, the main problem we will be facing, is that, We have to wait in line to enter the server. If the server has 500 players online, the others have to wait in que, to enter the game. Once, someone leaves the game, we can enter...

    Does that sound better than having Lags? I would very well play the game with Lags, (If it is such a condition) Instead of waiting in line to enter the game.. Dont you think so?

    But anyhow, I dont think DBOG would increase the Server capacity for the Pre-Open Beta. It would only be in the Open-Beta directly, I guess..