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    They closed DBO with hope that Xenoverse will be revolution. PC version of Xeno got empty servers after a few months. On consoles probably still got players. Now they releasing Xeno 2 what is 80% of Xeno1 with new transform system, another city, new items etc. that could be closed as big DLC to Xeno1. No way, i don't buy another Xeno. My friend told me he found some info they planning Xeno3 in future. Lol.

    There a lot more than what you mentioned.

    I'm a little confused because your sentences don't make 100% to me.
    Are you saying that the brown reset books do indeed work but they can not remove a skill below lvl 1 to 'Unlearn' it?

    If that is the case are you sure that you don't have any other skills that require it to be known in order for it to be taken away? could you post a screenshot in-game showing this so we can understand it more clearly?

    I am not sure if he fixed it but ill say it again lets say i have a lvl 5 rock paper scissor and i wanna reset it to lvl 1 it say i cant do that i have to reset dash stun and wff first which is a waste of books since ill have to spend skill point on those again. thats the bug i mentioned eariler and this only applies to some skill.

    I'm going to assume that you already picked your masterclass?
    Yeah if you actually read the Adult Quest Guide or paid attention to Daneos update thread or the in-game NPCs. you'd know that once you pick your masterclass you can't reset your skills anymore.

    Daneos made it so that you can still reset them from lvl 1 - 70 as long as you haven't done the MC quests yet but after that it won't work. However the green skill reset books can be buggy which has been reported to use at your own risk, also on a very active top thread.

    You must do your research before posting or taking action in-game.

    I think hes talking about skill reset book bug thats fucking annoying (excuse my language). (if you dont know what the bug does is that it wouldnt let you reset some skill such as Rock Paper Scissor to reset them you had to reset the skills after rock paper scissor first which require more book then required and another skill that u gotta do this with is Might u will need like 10 books just to reset it.) (dont mind my grammar I dont feel like checking lol)

    Dw prob better rn if def works since SK can't bleed for shit arm.

    Ah, yes. If you looked around the forums a little bit more, you, like me, would have noticed that a large amount of players have complained about this bug. It's also widely discussed on the 'Official Bug List' thread (found here). Users claim to have found fixes for this, eg. clearing all other quests before attempting the quest or clearing your inventory before starting the quest. Whether there is any truth behind these 'fixes', I have no idea. Sorry you were so uninformed and I wish you the best of luck.

    That worked comfirmed for me at least, gotta log out after deleting all quest and item in quest invent.

    the fights in db super aren't what they were in db, it was much better and more entertaining. This one has just better animations and that's it, no climax, no realy good battles anymore and not long enough. and what happened to the dammage done to the earth? it's like they are back to the beginning of dbz with their power level. + truns was fighting zamazu for more then 3 minutes, and it was like goku and black had a chat while it was happening, he wasn't hurt/ they weren't fighting at all.

    Now this will and always will be on of DB most intence and badass moments.

    I disagree with "no really good battles" and i see what you mean by not long enough but mind you were not the only people watching this there are new peoples and i think that they just making the pace faster to keep those people interested.


    Its essentially the same thing your testing to look for bugs either way not playing for gains and entertainment which a lot of people do and then complain cause they perhaps dont know the meaning of pre open beta. ("Daneos": the game will now be in pre open-beta for "TESTING PURPOSES".)

    dunno.. I cant think of any smart ways a LSS race could be put in, tooooooo tired. would love to have it though lol

    Well the thing is Legendary SSJ isnt even canon and Saiyan pretty much are extinct in age 1000 not counting human since they only have like 0.001% blood and you can play as Giant Character by simply using the MRPOPO app which lets u transform your char into any transformation that is in the game (client sided) ( and yes u dont gain anything from this just cosmetic looks but it still lets u become giant :P).

    what do you mean? the price is the same, no ones gives a shit if a player dont have money. the price will be the same. 9kk is a pretty good price

    U didnt get my point what i meant that the price varies from the seller some will sell cheap some will sell high u didnt have to say "no one give a shit" cause a lot do.

    What? o.O White stones are p2w man. Biggest p2w in this game. EP is not p2w o.O

    he's saying no matter what nothing is free something must be spent be it cash, time, and ep "stamina" to get stuff. At least that how I see what he said......

    still gotta spent so it counts as p2w ;P cuz u need to use ep and time to get item to use with white stone.

    No. You spend EP to kill mosters. Monsters then drop stuff. So its not free. And for tokens, yea time is money, its not free. Nothing is free man.

    Yet you people say white stone is p2w cuz from what ur saying spending ep is p2w and using time is p2w.