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    Yeah, I know.

    But even so, I prefer to read those punchlines and obvious quests in English, rather than seeing korean characters everywere.

    It's just not the same. The visual impact for players change, as long as the feeling of playing a fully developed game. There will be people not wanting to expend quite a lot of time in something that is not finished.

    Back in the days of the Korean version, me and my friends hoped "there was a trully global version of this game", so that we don't have to play it blindfolded, and that's what DBO Global is for us.

    I see.

    Well, a fully multilanguage game will atract more public, from different countries, than a half translated one, if it's a matter of money. Me myself am not playing it only because I preffer to wait to a complete expierence of DBO, and that involves understanding it.

    Eitherway, have they stopped translating it forever? Or are they focusing on the other stuff and will resume it when everything is finished?

    One of the main reasons I'm waiting to play the game in its full version is simply that I want to understand what I'm doing while advancing in the game. That's what DBO Global offered us, for all the players we had to play a game back in the korean version without understanding anything, just because we liked the idea.

    As me, I guess lots of players are waiting for the same thing. I've been following the development in the translations thread, and playing the game untill I reach a point in which is not implemented yet.

    That was like that until June. More than six month have passed, and I don't have any clue of what it's going on with the translations.

    It may be posted elsewhere and I may have missed it, but I preffer to open a thread in order to get any information about the topic.

    Please, don't get the post as a complaint. I appreciate the effort and work of the team, and i understand it takes time to develop a new feature. I just wanted to know what's going on with translations.

    I know this is not something important, but I beleive that is not hard to do and would make sense in appearance meanings for a final version of the game.

    My suggestion is to make new lines not split words in two. While playing the game with downloaded translations, it's usual to see that words that don't fill in the text box will split just in the point the word reaches the end. That makes the text harder to read and visually uglier.

    The most common way of solving this would be dividing words into syllabels and introducing a hyphen. But this is actually hard. That's why I think the easy way of solving this would be just avoiding the split.

    I also have not looked much for a thread like this, so my apologies if this one is repeated.