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    minor bugs


    • autoattacking mobs from a range (melee): You will stop nearby the mob but you will not auto attack it because the range is still too big to be able to auto attack.
    • increased dammage: The 1.5x increased dammage from behind does not work.
    • Skill useage: After useing a skill the character won't be able to attack for 2 seconds.
    • RP useage: The RP effect "knockback" does not work.


    • private shop quest (level 5): You normally have to buy an item form the shop and sell something back but the quest doesn't update.
    • Dirty laundry quest (level 19 Fortress dungeon): If you inspect the laundry the quest does not update.
    • Milk delivery (level 6): You have to deliver the milk to the milkman but once you get there, it does not update.
    • Old shoes (level 11): You have to inspect a rock to obtain some shoes, but if you inspect the rock, nothing happens.
    • Practise tree (level 13): You have to inspect a big tree to let the bee soldiers come out wich you must defeat. the tree cannot be inspected.

    Korin village

    • Red Pants Military (honour guards): cannot use the quest item on the axe rock.
    • Grand tree, fishing rod, RP spawning mob quests,...: cannot use an item or npc to spawn mobs that you have to defeat.
    • Talking quest at the grand tree: You have to talk to 3 npcs but there is no option to talk to them.
    • Item ticket: The item ticket that's dropped from the lvl 25 boxes do not appear on the screen.
    • RP dungeon item pickup: The items you need to pick up at the robot section do not appear in the inventory quest log.


    • Talking to NPC: Sometimes if you talk to an NPC you can get stuck in the "talking screen" wich forces you to log out.
    • Item portrait: Some items do not have the right portrait.
    • Visible party chat: You are able to see other party chats when you have joined that party after leaving it. 2167d37d78a8ebf88666a8485fb7a4c1.gif
    • Characters can get stuck: Attackable npcs and playable characters might get stuck on a short server dc.
    • Bound/untradeable items: Bound/untradeable items can be traded.


    • Party invites: when you are in a chat with an NPC and get an invite, you cannot get an invite again.
    • Character stuck: If you get stuck your only way out is to teleport out, a command for /stuck or /unstuck would be helpfull.

    Major issues


    • Free duel: any damage over time effect will kill a person if they lose the match (normally 1 hp left).
    • Skill useage: Sometimes if you use a skill it does no dammage at all such as Mighty Majin Spin attack.
    • Skill debuf: "Movement speed decrease" skill does not work.


    • Turtle Quest (level 15): Cannot be completed, this is huge since it gives you a permanent capsule kit.
    • Screen freeze: If you enter an area with lots people or items on the floor your screen will be frozen for about 30 seconds.
    • Quest log: After a crash or a long logout time the quests in the quest log dissapear and cannot be re-obtained.
    • Worn quest items: Some quest items that are worn on the back will not go off after the quest is completed (old namek, clean air tank,...)


    • Screen freeze: If you enter an area with lots people or items on the floor your screen will be frozen for about 30 seconds.
    • Character stuck: If you get stuck your only way out is to teleport out, a command for /stuck or /unstuck would be helpfull.
    • Coupon upgrades: The screen gets stuck if you want to apply your coupon from the gift box to your armour or weapon.
    • Crafting: When you are crafting items or food, you are not getting any experience.
    • Crafting items: Crafting items do not generate random stats on the weapon or armour (wich takes away the point of crafting).
    • Summoning shenron: If shenron gets called by two people or more at the same time, the server crashes.

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    No, we should not pin this topic, as this is a useless thread. Discussion for Pre Open Beta should go here: Pre-Open Beta Off-topicAs Daneos said in the original Pre Open Beta Discussion thread, anyone who makes a thread like that one would get deleted, and I'm still surprised this one hasn't been deleted yet.

    NoelThaOhg is pretty new to forums, he hadn't meant to nullify the requests of Daneos and not posts in the other chat, just an innocent mistake, he wanted to let the impatient people know that the servers were back up.

    Thanks for continuing to comment guys!
    It shows interest and dedication to the thread.
    Anyone mind informing me what the masterclass is, i'm a bit new to DBO.
    When I get my flash drive, I'm going to be all over this mmo, though.

    Think of it as master prestige in black ops.

    Ill probably run a Namekian then. Kinda disappointed they didn't include some kinda of Saiyan-Human Hybrid as a possible race. Opting to just call them Humans makes it feel like a rip off that they can go SSJ.

    You don't understand the lore behind it, they are hybrids.
    This is centuries after the fight with Majin Buu.
    The amount of Saiyans and humans who've mated have resulted in humans by default having Saiyan blood.
    Of course it isn't realistic, but it's an Anime game.