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    We will be able to fly, flight is a skill, you can't make that to be paid. You can however disable acceleration like they did in the previous DBO. Where you had to buy scrolls to accelerate, in general, flight was free.

    What do you call the latest update, then?

    In all honesty it looks like this is being done because the skill is unobtainable right now.

    Yeah, and that Buu died. So the only Buu remaining is the Fat Buu. Fat Buu is the one that reproduced with his made up girlfriend, so all males are Fat Buu, because there's no skinny Buu in him.

    Why don't you guys want a new race? It'll be dull if all we ever do is be a Namekian, a fat/skinny blub, or a super sandwich. New, fresh stuff is always welcomed, if it's properly executed.

    But right now? Too much to ask for. This stage the team is only worried about fixing things, not adding new tongs. Wait for a few years and see how DBOG is doing first, before something like this is even considered.

    I guess you didn't watch anime. Buu isn't suposed to be fat, he should be kid instead. That's why there is a skill that changes you to Pure Buu. Fat Buu looks this way, because he absorbed a fat Kai.

    I'm guessing you haven't watch the anime either.

    Majin Buu is fat because he is fat. Kid Buu isn't fat because he isn't fat. Guess who's the Buu that's alive and the Buu that's dead?

    1. Download the translation.rar file provided in the opening post. Have a winrar or similar program to open it

    2. Go to DBOGlobal's folder. By default it installs into C:/Program Files (86x)/DBOGloba. Put the translation.txt file in the same folder as DBOLauncher.exe

    3. Boot the launcher up, and let it update, and after that boot the game and close it.

    4. Click on "langpatcher" in the same folder, and let it do it's thing. Run it in Admin.

    5. After all of these are completed, launch the game using the DBO.exe, NOT the launcher, to run the game with this patch.

    You're telling me you read the entirety of every "Terms & Conditions" you receive before downloading a game or program? I wasn't acquainted with the forums or anything on the website when I first downloaded the game. The only reason I'm even here is because I have my questions. If Google had more results for this game then maybe I wouldn't have to.

    Provided information is NOT in the Terms & Conditions. But it is, however, exactly where you downloaded the game at.

    I mean weapons like guns, swords and other things are alright.

    Says who?

    I'll tell you, no one. Saiyans never used guns because they prefer fighting with their fists anyway, that's how they get their kicks. (And in Trunk's case, because all of Earth's guns were ineffective as hell. Were they of any actual use against Androids, or any threat after that, he'd be using the hell out of them. He's not fighting for fun, he's fighting to protect.)

    And again, Engineers is leaning humans toward their human side, NOT saiyans. Does it really matter that if they can go Super or not? They're more than likely are going to end up as a Support role if they're put in.

    Well these "Engineers" shouldn't be able to transform into Super Saiyan because Saiyans hate weapons and Gohan is a hybrid saiyan but he doesn't like weapons anyway.

    Saiyans hate weapons?

    What, did Trunks suddenly become a human or something? Last I checked... He's a saiyan that can go super...

    That's cute, bro. :) But I respect whoever I deem deserves it. I won't tolerate being spoken to in the way I was when I asked my question. I was clearly unaware, just as (this really shouldn't surprise you), 60% of the people who are downloading and playing this game right now.
    No one reads jack shit before playing or downloading a certain program, it's always been that way, and that's simply how it is. I thank you for professionally forwarding me to this information when I needed an answer, though.

    And 60% of the people like you are the reason why we have Antivirus Softwares, going by what you just said.

    In my opinion Engineer class is really not suitable for Dragon Ball Online.A Saiyan with guns?Why would they use guns when they're a warrior race fighting with their own abilities.Many games have these gunners and it doesn't make game better.

    First off, they're humans. Just because they have Saiyan blood doesn't mean they have to be a Saiyan "elite" like the rest of the recorded Saiyans. They're humans before they are Saiyans, and they definitely don't live by the ways of the Saiyans. (If they did, they'd be the only race on Earth.)

    And secondly, Engineer was originally going to be in the game using Bulma as a basis for the class. What does that say about the Engineer class? That they aren't Warriors, like Goku, Vegeta, and all the other saiyans, but ones that makes complex designs to help their group, like Bulma. This is tying the human up to their human side, not the saiyan side.

    Did I mention the fact that humans don't have to live like brutes like all other saiyans did? Look at Gohan.