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    So the buff is supposed to give me strength for 20 minutes(currently 10 for level 2) and increase crit damage. Using the buff isnt giving me the buff or changing my stats. Fortitude is working, but that gives soul.

    I did a quick search in the forum and saw no results of this issue. Is there something wrong with the buff?

    Edit: So apparently you can only have either Spirited roar or Might on at a time. Spirited roar seems to be the better option to go with. anyone that is familiar with the class could give me some insight on what buff to go with?

    Started 2 days ago, I know you say lvl 30 but currently 29, might be 30 by the time anyone sees this though.

    I have been looking for an english guild that is recruiting. Leveling without seeing anyone speaking english can make someone feel lonely and alienated lol.

    Character name is RoanValorin. I'm usually on maybe afk :p

    I had the same problem. The folders are not in the correct places when you unzip the files. "cursor, font, localize, pack, ScreenShot, ts, user" need to all be inside "Dragon Ball Online - Global" folder. Go to where you installed the game and make sure to drag the other folders inside.

    Also make sure "TAIWAN" folder is dropped in localize and not left out of it.

    Usando el traductor de Google

    Yo tuve el mismo problema. Las carpetas no están en los lugares correctos cuando descomprime los archivos. "Cursor, font, localize, pack, ScreenShot, ts, user" necesitan estar dentro de la carpeta "Dragon Ball Online - Global". Vaya a donde instaló el juego y asegúrese de arrastrar las otras carpetas dentro.

    Contém uma Asegúrese también de que la carpeta "TAIWAN" se ha dejado en localizar y no se ha dejado fuera de ella.

    Only to certain attacks. You most likely didn't play the people who spammed Symphonic Destruction, and moves of the sorts. Spamming death balls was day 1. Till we learned dash canceling and blinked over them. Spirit bomb never was, and never will be a good move on Xeno because we outran and then broke their invincibility lol. But the people who spammed the broken ultimate's, or the people who hit one ultimate and then dash backwards the entire match lol. The skill level of players we experienced was most likely different if that wasn't an issue in the gameplay.
    And yes, they're supposed to have it to where clothing still gives stats; but much like DBO you can have a dogi of sorts of outfits that you like to wear.

    Symphonic Destruction was a death sentance when used on me. easy to avoid and even if it hit, My evasive move negated it and i could casually fly behind them time a grab or if I know they are chaining it, time a stamina crush to hit at the start of the next one. PPre ultimate nerf just either grab or move away.

    Deathball, and any other ball ultimates, just jump vanish through it like you said and fly up to them and crush them on their next ultimate charge up.

    I played since day 1 so I ran into so much cheese. But there was always a good way to get around the cheese to work in my favor when it came to ultimates. It really wasn't as powerful as people thought. It was more annoying than anything if you were new to the game.

    All i want is non stat affecting clothing, that really ruined 1 for me

    supposedly from an interview there will be cosmetic appearance outside of actual equipment that affect stats. Atleast thats the assumption I got from the Q&A saying that you can look how you want without it affecting your character.