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    i like the idea of lvl 60 cap. I wasnt there when it was the cap but the way he explains it makes sense

    and why would those dungeons be useless? Would just be way harder i geuss and will take a full party to complete it but will probaly be do-able

    This is jusy my opinion though
    And sorry for my bad english :D

    You mad bro?

    None of you read the forum terms this all is irrelevant i want it deleted by a Mod.

    This is my thread indeed. See i started it, and yes this is my account. And watch out where u go with me I have more powers :)

    is that a threat?

    Both reported you see my likes compared to my post in % is way higher than both of urs nice theory now please get out of my threads! this is ment to help people and all you guys do is downing people who actually spend time for others instead of dashing them

    both reported for?

    100% agree. If he needs to take the server down for something, that's perfectly fine, I just wish he'd say before-hand :)
    He's definitely been around sometime today so I imagine he does know there's issues recently.

    I don't think its maintenance the server prob just crashed?