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    guys, here is a weird story..

    a friend of mine who doesn't know anything att all about these bugs.. he was dueling someone on the green ground near plat and there was other ppl around him and suddenly when he applied super kamehameha to kill his opponent.. he killed him with other 4 ppl around him.

    so idk.. maybe it is the skill which is bugged or maybe he abused the bug without he even realize.

    I guarantee you these people know what they're doing. They aren't making the same "mistake" over and over and over and over again.

    Like I said bro, I'm ready XD Woke up at 3 pm so I'm more than awake and prepared to wait.
    Plus, I plan to do all the broken quests first, so I won't be dealing with the MC scramble, lol.

    EDIT: I heard about No Man's Sky. How good is it?

    It's not very good at all. Insanely repetitive, tons of features missing, (*cough* multiplayer *cough*) lots of bugs and crashes, and as many have said in regards to the game: "As wide as an ocean, with the depth of a puddle"

    Here's a great review that showcases what's wrong with the game:

    WOW is an active game that makes them a lot of money and DBO is a dead game that doesnt give them anything the only possibilty for it to be a problem is if either they have a big ego or they see DBOG as a threat to games like xenoverse and such and if they do i will with all my heart protest and find a way to change it cause i love this game.

    You're not looking at it from a business perspective. Someone is using YOUR product, and making money off of it. The only way this would be legal and Bandai wouldn't be allowed to do jack squat is if everything server side was coded by DBO Global, since everything client side is legally obtainable by the consumer. Whether or not the product is still active doesn't matter.


    You already can do the makankosappo (special beam cannon)

    I'm confused as to what exactly you're asking.

    I think the chances of bandai actually snatching DBO back are really low. Considering how big DBO was when the servers we're shutdown 3-4 years ago, don't you think the fact that it was being brought back by some german guy would've eventually reached bandai's ears? To be honest I think they really don't care and are fully aware of DBO's revival considering how big a hit Xenoverse was and the fact that they'll most likely be cashing in on the upcoming sequel. If bandai really cared they would've shut things down while we we're still in alpha.

    Nostalrius was a vanilla World of Warcraft server that was IMMENSELY popular. It went on for years. Then, last year, Blizzard finally shut them down.

    Just because your project isn't immediately shut down doesn't mean that you're out of the clear. It's woefully optimistic to assume that they don't care about DBO anymore because they have a new game. Bandai is still a business and I doubt any good business would willingly let someone else use their product for free, regardless of if it's still a supported product or not, and let that person make money off of it.

    DBOG is not moving quickly the guy has been working on it since Jan 2015 so its 1year and 8months but technically its less than that because he restarded coding the server from 0 like 2 times and according to what he said and the time which took him he is making the server side from 0 i mean just look at other MMORPGS they already have a 100% game in a short time because the server files are leaked. Atleast he still has motivation to complete this game

    You have no idea how long it takes to recreate a dead game. SWGEMU began in 2004. It is now 2016, 12 years later. And a lot of the major features that were in the original Star Wars Galaxies are still not in the emulator yet.

    The fact that Daneos was able to get this far basically by himself in only around a year and a half is incredibly fast.

    idk but i dont think they just grabbed the game and now running it there is another revival server still in progress i heard them say they took care of copyright issues so i think this team might have done the same if it was possible for them then its possible for this team too

    The only way to get around the copyright issue is to completely code everything server side from scratch. For a good example of this, see the SWGEMU. The reason the revival server says that the copyright issues are taken care of, as well as why it's taking such a long, long time for them to even release a playable public version, is most likely because they're coding everything server side.

    Given how quickly DBOG is moving, I'm assuming some of the server side code is left over from the original game, AKA Bandai's code.

    crap so he may even get a fined?? but since they gave up on the game why should they bother??

    Because it's still their intellectual property.

    Imagine if you had a game, then shut it down. Then years later you find out someone else has taken your game, started it back up again, and is now making money off of it. Wouldn't you be a bit upset?