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    Yeah you're right beacause there's no fun at lvl 50 -55 maybe it can be a good thing some time after the open game. I know its a good feeling the first time, but im talking when you have so long playing (i play since Kr version) it gets so boring doing them many times (this happend when you train more than 1 character as most of the people) Anyway its just a suggestion.

    I think it would be awesome if you enable the "Repeatable Quests" again (like the korean server before the big update), if you remember, they are quest that you can make over and over again (getting them with zennie) That would be a good option for lvl's 50-55 making them a little easier and less boring.

    There's a lot of people making super awesome suggestions like a guild land, but those are in another level... The team of dbo global are trying to get back the dbo, they are good coding but im not sure if they can add stuff like that... they just code what is alredy made by the original development... So asking for this king of things seems a little unreal