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    @bdaddy89 no dude... Ur wrong depending on how it is said your english is bad means the same thing as your grammar is bad. This is because 'english' is a proper noun and a noun depending on the way it is used so if you said 'my phone is so bad' it has the same effect as saying 'my english is so bad' and in the end it means the same thing as 'my grammar is so bad' so if you really want to get technical there you go. So please don't go around tryin to be a btch

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    I assume you are referring to your own. Proper punctuations, separate paragraphs, proper spelling. If you think my post was on some way broken to the extent of your previous posts, do show me.
    To the person talking about others not speaking the language, that's cool. There are areas of the forum for you. Google translator is not a substitute, as it translates more broken English than a non native speaker just trying on their own.

    Since everyone is being so technical, it's actually called "Grammer" not English so maybe you should learn the difference.

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    its not that his logic is bad, it that he doesn't understand that we would need to skill resets to test all the Master Classes skills, ya know because this a pre beta test because that what were suppose to do which is test stuff before the really thing.

    umm no i have perfect logic im sure those on the dev server are testing all skills seeing as how there are threads already about basic skillls bugging so yea

    • What is the point of implementing a free skill reset if you all do not remember there will be a global wipe of all characters so why want a reset book like really are y'all that petty? Oh I did this or I did that get over it is in PRE OPEN BETA so what if u don't enough skills that is your fault for maxing your level you knew this about the skills and needing to reset them before you ever made your current character anyways. My point is ain't no need for a skill reset since there will be a character wipe

    Ok so since there isnt a Namekian Dragon ball quest quick guide I figured I would make one for those Namekian Lovers.......

    # > Level > Location > NPC

    • Level 5 > Azusa Forest > Logger Yalide
    • Level 7 > Namek Fountain > Gu Gu
    • Level 9 > Azusa Watchtower > Warrior Kayinta
    • Level 12 > Cave Barricade > Magic Dragon
    • Level 14 > Porunga Rock > Maas
    • Level 17 > Dragon Nose > Baru
    • Level 20 > Snail Village > Chief Murda

    P.S I am currently working on a Majin Class Dragon Ball guide as well. I hope these Help

    so i have a question regarding pets! how do you increase their xp?i bout the xp boost for the pet but how do i apply it

    Does it require time to implement? Yes. But the code for other auto kicks could be taken and modified to work on here. Just as something basic. So he DOESN'T have to start from scratch. And the amount of relevant data he could acquire from active players would more than make up for the time it would take to modify an existing Auto Kick script to work on this server.

    also like previously stated this is not the old dbo yes he wants to make it like that but if you look at prosperous mmo's they all have auto- kick afk so would you rather an auto kick afk or have it die again?

    This is why we NEED auto AFK-Kick. I don't have any money either Bartguason but I'm going to actually PLAY the game to make in game money. And during that time I am going to also help by testing different things and finding errors. This is absurd that people are actually defending taking up spots to get Zeni when they could play to do it.

    i agree if they want in gme currency so bad then they need to do quests kill things and all that

    Also for those who find a need to sit afk and grind or whatever there is a game that has also been brought back swgemu u want to afk go there they have macros for you to set up so you can leave the pc as long as you want this is a fighting/ adventure game so do that and stop playing the sims wait or better go play xenoverse if u wanna go afk and just sit around

    I'm just here to say my piece that's all, I do think there should be an AFK-kick for open beta. Since we'll be at the point where the servers will be flooded with players for like the first 5 months it'd be great to free up space for the excess amount of people playing the game, and about shops you can just sell to NPC merchant you can get 1,000+ zeni a piece for armor lvl 30+. Right now it'd be a pretty terrible idea for the debugging process, since those testing the shop mechanics will get kicked for actually debugging. Majority of us are complaining because we just want to play the game, and I'm gonna be honest it's a 70/30 split for me, I spend 70% of the time lvling and grinding to report bugs outside of Korin and the other 30% is spent reporting or looking for ones that are in my current level range. (My level currently being 35.) That being said it is annoying to see guilds or large masses just standing in one spot and doing nothing, and it's not just shop AFK's there are actual players just standing there doing nothing not playing not reporting bugs. Just look at all the players idling near item box spawns waiting for the next update, it's ridiculous, that being said there are really only two solutions I can think of, 1.) AFK-kick or 2.) bigger server for P-OB. If the server can only hold 500 I think Daneos should add another 100 or so slots for the people that actually want to AFK shop. I mean if your gonna open a shop really what are you gonna do, fight mobs? It's not like you can move with a shop open so you might as well AFK and check every 15 minutes or so to see if your shops been sold out yet. And I may come off as a bit of a devil's advocate but as I said before I'm just here to say my piece, not pick sides.

    ok well what are ur thoughts on afk kick when the game is finished? because it will be the same since Daneos said the server limit is 500 so it will block people out

    and see this kind of douchbaggery is what will ALL users away
    js and btw your still a nobody like most of us in the community so get the stick out your ass bc ur not better than anyones else on this thread

    then obviously you have not been paying attention to previous threads about questions that were asked to Daneos.he was asked about the population limit whether it would be per channel or per server and he stated it was for the server and it would be set at 500. so y shouldnt we have an auto kick? oh so only the few of you people who like to sit on the game and take up space? nah there are other people who actually want to play the game not sit on it and do absolutely nothing and i have been on and seen plenty of people just sitting near the auction house's and doing nothing but just sitting. if your going to get on the game then actually play otherwise log out so other people can get on and enjoy the game.**** Also this is not the OLD DBO*** so that statement is irrelevant

    i was just saying i have played a lot of mmos yes it is trouble some with the auto kick but it allows everyone to play the game and not just a select few because if that happened then it would only be the same 500 people playing instead of more than that so that is why i said it because if people wanna be greedy about farming tokens or whatever it is then they should be active not afk have them work for it instead like everyone no one is special that will be playing well except for daneos lol

    Exactly. And to the people voting No. I am not proposing an INDEFINITE AFK kick system. Just while the game is in development and we have times where there is just 1 channel to use. Seems rather unfair to take up someone elses play time when you are just getting cash.

    for everyone saying it is only ok to have auto kick while it is in pre- open beta and so forth no the actual game needs a auto kick afk for a fixed time period because Daneos was previously asked about the population whether it would be server or channel wide and he said it would be the server limit which would be 500 so with what yall are saying we would 500 people just sitting afk logged in and no one else would get to play so no it should be allowed for a auto kick afk players like 5-10 minutes before auto kick that way more people will get to play

    actually you wanna be technically you could say it was his true self but he was still little so he was impressionable and chi- chi made him that way because of how goku was so yes if ch- chi would not have done that and allowed him to train with how gohan looked up to his dad so much a. he would have never learned the masenko or wore the namek clothes and b. he would have been raised in the ways of roshi and learned the same techniques his dad learned