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    If you've got the extra sp and don't have anything to put it into, go for it, it does more damage maxed than scatter shot even know scatter and kame is straight line.

    @Momo @Kirito

    Im not going to fight with a kid in front of computer, so i suggest you to pay your frustrations in other place.
    Moderators tell me,shall i expect you will take forum rules/conduct seriously or ppl can keep ignoring it?
    how many free insults after a conduct reminder are valid? Because this guys seems to dont have any respect

    good job being a tattle tale lol. And nice way to insult him to "fight this kid in front of a computer" and its not up to you if posts do or dont follow rules. try to stay on topic,i want a legitimate reason as to why it soldnt be implemented. if you dont want it and dont want to share or just dont have areason why thats fine your opinion matters too but im wanting to debate this as adults. some want it some dont and i get that, that is how it will always be but maybe if some people see why some want it and they are on the fence, they will let some people have it or join them, thats all. theres always pros and cons to anything but weighing them both helps decide

    1. This is a revival of dbo... a vast majority (Rob, Crit and myself included) played dbo TW version and will make the game as best as they can from what they experienced.
    2. Again, lvl 10-33 take such little exp to lvl that all youre really saving is like a day of lvling because it doesnt take that long and those lvls can be done so quickly.
    3. I still have no idea who you are i.e. your old dbo ign/char name.
    4. Did you ever experience the lvl up 33 stone in game?
    5. Old players opinions are best, because they know about the stone and may have used it. I used the stone a couple of time and do I feel like I missed a part of the game? no. because any character created and you don't have the stone, you'll experience the lvling anyways.
    6. Why is giving everyone a stone in the beginning a joke? I've read enough of the thread, no one has any good reason not to so idk where "1000000 reasons" comes from just give me one valid one. All you gave me for a reason was that you personally enjoyed leveling.

    As far as your reply to Rob, no it shouldn't be discussed when the open beta comes out, it should be discussed now because some people disagree with the idea of getting stones at all, some people want stones to be cash shop item, and some people think to keep this whole "pay to win" thing out of the way they should be given as a gift at launch then maybe later idk added to cash shop. Yes Rob and I have guessed about there being a lower lvl cap at open beta launch but we aren't exactly sure so if the lvl 38 cap was implemented, it wouldn't matter really. Anyways I'll still be on this thread for a couple days if anyone has better reasons and wants to discuss them.

    between the ridiculous amount of broken english speakers, people with arbitrary and ridiculous reasons to oppose, and the people saying they dont want to use the items so they shouldnt be given out, this thread is getting real old real fast.

    1 or 2 stones for everyone at the start of the game? guys do u wana play this game or what? so u are playing to a MMORPG with new server and the last thing you want to do is leveling? go play streetfighter or fps without leveling lol seems like u want everything done from the first moment thats really boring, one of the main characteristics from a MMORPG is leveling up if u dont like that guys i think u choosing wrong game. i enjoy all the parts of this game and if i have to use a stone i will use it with pleasure but not with the server recently born paying real money, thats a sacrilege
    if you give 1 or 2 stones to everyone at start, i dont know for what daneos is working hard he could just make as default in the server to everyone start at lv30 and skip all that work, problem fixed.

    In TW you recieved as a gift one stone by post yes thats true , but not in the beginning of the game for sure, u received after long time played, and its diff situation they were two servers at the same moment one already more advanced

    what do you mean do you wanna play this game its skipping fucking 20 levels in the beginning levels and making everyone start at 30? do you even hear yourself? when youve played this game and leveled so many characters it gets old real fast. btw, like who even are you? did you play dbo? because 10-33 take not that long. the true time spent leveling is from 40-55 so you obviously are high. you dont have to use it its an option. no one is forcing you to use the item in TW they gave lvl up 33 because it was a version released after the first. like literally you made abslutely no argument as to why it shouldnt be implemented other than you like to lvl in this game. good for you? for others its not as enjoyable to level in karin or even the starting zones. so thanks for making a truly "contstructive" contribution to this thread

    It was after the Open beta if I remember correctly. Just got the level 33 stones up in the mailbox lol, everybody had them. Then they disappeared and were added to the cash shop.

    Exactly. And tell me Crit, was the item in any way gamebreaking or did it seem pay to win at all?

    Yo can you just shut up , you just spam this thread and reading your comments makes me lose brain cells

    Lol are you mad? i dont spam this thread i make logical posts man. if youve got nothing contructive to say then YOU are the spam my friend. so please, tell me how I'm spamming?

    Wait a sec, you want everybody to have 1 stone ?I could go for that lol.

    I want to have a human and a namekian but I'm not really into the human side quests xD

    I want every account to receive one maybe two stones to do with whatever they please. It's how original DBO TW did it since KR had already been released.

    Budokai is the only thing they've said that even somewhat makes sense against it. But even still it is a crappy reason at best, would only matter at MAYBE the first budokai. please explain how it is "P2W" after that.

    DURING A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TIME. after that theres no advantage, read the whole post before replying again please. Also, if you want to do kid tournament, lvl up 33 stone is irrelevant

    As far as the Dogi comment goes, I cant really understand what youre saying but yeah I suppose wagu machine is better, doesnt change the fact that with enough cp you'll win a dogi or item to be sold for zeni and sell it on auction house.

    Let me get this straight: the only reason people are moaning and complaining are saying that the very first budokai would be biased towards people with stones? So because some people would have an advantage on the very first budokai and nothing after that, the item shouldnt be added? That is by far the dumbest reason I've seen yet. budokai titles unelss bugged last a week. And here's the thing: origninal dbo tw every account created before or during a certain time span in the beginning of the game are given the item. everyone after a set amount of time (I don't remember how long probably like a month) will no longer be eligible to receive the item. NEXT

    Are you kidding? Dogi's can be sold in auction house for copious amounts of money. regardless of purely cosmetic or not, they can also have extra effects making characters more powerful. NEXT

    Also, we aren't talking about how things are right now, we are talking full release of the game so during then they will matter.

    Here's the thing, pretty close to everyone I've seen against it are new players claiming its pay to win. cash shop in general is pay to win because by nature of anything sold in cash shop. the lvl up 33 stone requires lvl 10 and all it does is boost you to a useless lvl above 30 saving you maybe a days worth of questing and grinding if done right. Anyone claiming it's skipping good questing havent played this game very much. all quests are grinding and repetitive. Now with all that being said, if anyone could maybe present a legitimate and viable reason this shouldnt be implemented please do so.

    I was just never much of a fan of the physical damage skills on turtles. I only used hurl for KD.