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    yup seem like it, i've finally stoped grinding and was ready to do as many as possible quests but no, Fuck Me and my will to play this game right? |||||||||||||||||||||||| a

    wtf the box just spawned infront of me but guss what, i got kicked out the channel so im like ok cool log back and 1 channel (the one i was in) inst working and the rest are full, i seriusly think sombody hate me really bad.

    the raspawn rate of the box should be higher there are to many people

    10-33 isn't that hard. Takes about 1-2 days.There's no guarantee that a player that uses the stone will level faster than a non-stone user after lvl 33.

    And if "levels" is the only thing you're worried about, I don't see much problem with the stone being Pay2Win.
    There's no real advantage that can be distinguished between a Stone user and a non-user besides the time saved between days 1-3

    You're clearly just worried about the first budokai, there's no need to worry, there's going to be plentiful. You yourself said people do it just for fun, so chill out. Besides, you're acting like Daneos will release budokai in the first week which I highly doubt he would.

    it isnt even an actual problem since there are 2 diffrent budokai one is for lvl up to 29 then the other from lvl 30 to 70 so the only way for you to fight someone with higher lvl is by request or pvp platform like in korin which is always full of high lvl player anyway

    I can tell that i am true "fan" of Dragon Ball because i've seen Dragon Ball and i like little more than z and also i've seen everything original (no dubs *ugh* many times.

    Has Bulma changed after Trunks?Not really (became more serious but character is the same) except Super,she's different forgot to mention that as pilaf army how useless is.Anyway back to topic.Videl can change but not that (never saw her mad in Super, only smiling which is not usual)
    I didn't say that Beerus is not stronger than Goku.
    And Vegeta's pride changed since buu saga that's right,but he still had it.Now with Beerus he was so pathetic the way i can't explain.Even so if he has a family,he never cared about Trunks when he was a baby and never cared about Bulma that much.Then he got so mad because Bulma was killed in other dimension which is different (i would understand if Bulma from his dimension).So with Beerus if it's even hopeless to fight it doesn't matter, with his pride he had he wouldn't be like that (annoying slave that makes food for him without him even asking it and else..). For now that's enough,and swearing is not necessary.

    Vegeta start showing feelings for trunxs when he huged him before the sacrifice in the buu saga the he also show feelings for bulma when beerus slaped her in Battels of Gods, he took trunks to the park as he promise him so i realy dont know what u talking about. i dont think Vegeta is stupid enough to let his pride kill every one the planet

    i agree with you on gohan, i dont think at this point he should even get near to his father level that would mean that all he did for pan was a bs

    Vegeta pride start changing in the buu saga when he huged trunx befor sacrifie him sell, he had also shown a lack of pride when he was begging the erthlings to give they energy for the spirit bomb, you also need to understand that he has a family to protect now and also know that there is a huge gap between him and Beerus that would be pointless fight him even with the blu form (he's the only one to hit beerus more than once with a ssj2 also thanks to bulma). so you probably see a vegeta whith out pride but i see a vegeta that is thinkig about his family other than himself