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    I do not understand because they get so angry over something so simple, the stone always existed in the original game, was implemented until the developer server and never had a problem, for me it is tedious to leveling from lvl 10-33 a game that already have played 5 years or where know each mission and how to complete them, do not have the money to buy it, but if I did not think twice, for me it is boring levelear, not because some people think that simply having level already is ready for pvp / pve if for you entertained level from the beginning good for you, but do not let that bores us even because we have spent years playing the same game knowing each of the missions and do not want to repeat 12 rather we miss the opportunity. besides the maximum cap it is 70, 33 to 70 there is a long gap, should not even have a high value in the game, take as an example the original, were more expensive than a few z32 lvl up

    Before giving my suggestion , I must insist on the issue that the store price is exaggerated for Latin American players , five dollars is a lot for a simple appearance,
    Well as I have read have already discussed great ideas and one of the great debates is how to carry out the cafes / silver boxes , my proposal is to include the mudosa system is a system of points battles , which applies directly to the use of boxes , before closing the original, the maximum benefit with mudosa was getting a ninja dogi .- . I think it is something that can be improved and the pvp many entertaining game .Please excuse my bad English , I find the language, but also wanted to give my opinion ^^