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    Em primeiro lugar, mascote funciona sim, em segundo, o que são pugs? E terceiro, a tradução está ruim porque ainda estão a traduzir, e mesmo assim já está muito boa. Muitas vezes os membros exigem muito dos ADM's mas esquecem-se que eles também têm uma vida e que não podem estar sempre 100% focados no jogo

    Do* Adm, Daneos

    You were missing a lot of the key buffs. Now if you were going for PvP you might go with one or two buffs depending on the situation.

    Oh ok, thanks, but i'm trying to go for a hybrid here, maybe a little bit more focused on PVP but for both, you know?

    Especially because it's not "the devs", it's the dev : the one and only D A N E O S (if you count translation, there's GokUsama too)

    There are no tails, he or she is just being a troll.
    Daneos was online yesterday, it confused me as to why he didn't bother to try to fix the server.

    Yeah, he's just a guy trying to be funny saying that Daneos is adding a tail to the humans, and that makes no sense, since they are Humans with 1% saiyan blood. It wouldn't be compatible with the lore of the game. And Daneos said he will not add new races, excluding the possibility of a Saiyan race.

    Hello, i already have posted some things in the Forum but i myself have never ever presented my self, my name is Pedro/Pete, call me whatever you want. I'm kind of new to the DBO game in general, i tried to enter it in 2013 but at the time my PC wouldn't support it.
    I hope we meet ingame sometime and thank you for reading this.

    IGN is : PedroNicolino

    Skype : detonadosspiderhomem (GreYZ40)

    Are you stupid or you never read the lore of the game?
    Humans have 1% of saiyan blood so they are able to transform to SSJ, since the game is around 200 years after DBZ/DBS, also, they said that they aren't going to add any other races to the game.