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    It was simple... At the end of Dragon Ball, we had two possibilities:
    - one was the strongest character in the entire universe(I do not count Gohan since he lost a lot of his power after Buu since he did not train, same with Goten or Trunks): Uub. He is human, he is a naive child, he starts as a "weak" one despite having access to the Majin's power, + his master is none other than the original main character. (we could almost say he was choosed to be Goku's successor as the Earth "defender", ultimately becoming permanently stronger than a mere limited in time SSJ3).
    - the other was Pan. Potential first female Saiyajin protagonist. Like Goku in his youth, she's a lot stronger than the average people (problem with her is that she is actually stronger than almost anything) and she likes fighting. (+her parents had a former interest for martial arts)

    As for the story, it should have been a return to the Dragon Ball part of Dragon Ball (like GT tried after the androids and Buu's sagas lost tracks of the DB).

    The problem for a sequel is more about the opposite side. What could have been a good villain after a landless king, a megalomaniac's private army, a demon who wanted to rule the world, a galactic dictator whose only left desire was immortality, a stupid "robot/clone" who had absolutely no goal except to achieve its completion and then tried to destroy the Earth because "why not?" and finally some mindless slave god-slayer / planetes destroyer artificial evil djinn.
    You can't just go on for more and more when you already reached a pic. (obviously in power AND brainlessness)

    edit: actually, we can see the villain problem through the cinema trilogy. Beers is not a villain but a deity who does what it wants while the second movie simply recycled a former antagonist for a revenge plot.

    Receiving tokens just by staying online is a bad idea and characters which are the whole day afk are just useless memory and take space from players who actually want to play.

    Will the anti-afk system be removed from your version of the game? Because it seemed pretty good to avoid those problems. If I remember well, you had to travel to any Popo stone in a certain time to enter some "captcha".

    Original stories:
    Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV Serie), .hack//SIGN,
    Gurren Lagann, Now&then,here&there, Furi Kuri,
    Macross, Kill la Kill,
    Gundam0079(3movies), Top wo nerae~Gunbuster,
    Last Exile.

    Rebuild of Eva.,
    Gankutsuô~Le compte de Monte-Cristo,
    Record of Lodoss War(first OVAs), Full Metal Panic, Suzumiya Haruhi,
    K.Orange Road, X, Kimi ga nozomu eien, Shingetsutan Tsukihime.
    Slayers/Next, Saint Seiya Hades Sanctuary

    Impossible to cut more than I did.

    Et bien... {sans voix}
    C'est facile de décider après coup.

    En ce qui concerne Revelations, il y a des français certes, mais pas seulement. Et ils seront bien évidemment obligés de débourser des sous pour entretenir un serveur, aussi privé soit-il. L'argent nécessaire dépend probablement de la charge que l'on espère pouvoir supporter, alors bien sûr si tout est gratuit jusqu'au bout, soit ils resteront entre amis soit ils ne dureront que peu de temps.