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    Stopped playing longggggggg ago. Reached like level 75 tamer with some Digis lvl 70+ 5/5 - 12/12/, even had Alphamon Jogress 5/5 - 12/12. You know back 2013 when it was the big thing xD. Downloaded couple months ago really didn't liked the updates, I am from Lilithmon. My account it's there if someone wanna use it, not planning to return.

    Community is getting bigger and popular everyday, it's normal to see those kind of bots in forums. There just need an group of active moderators that can be active and keep forum clean and organized. Honestly right now it's kinda messed up. I do understand actual staff it's busy but it wouldn't hurt to recruit some more just to focus on forum task.

    Welcome to Dragon Ball Online community, have a great time and read Pre Open Beta Faq,Global update thread or just ask me if you need help.

    Do you have skype? some info about the game will be appreciated :P.

    And yeah just have played few hours for now because busy with work. But honestly, the game is REALLY REALLY GOOD!

    Oh great, will download it then. Well atleast i will learn more about the game :). Don't worry about spam or flooding i am highly experienced Moderator in others forums games (Won't mention because no idea if i may get banned for that :P).

    Thanks a lot!

    Hello mates,

    My name it's Vicente, i am a chef assistant from Venezuela and i'm 20 years old. I did started to play the old DBO 2 weeks before it closed (Yeah, i was so unlucky lol). Now been searching on the internet i found this awesome community and well here i am waiting to play as everyone. Hope we can have a good friendship in here :).



    PD: I have a question, it's possible to play the current closed beta? I saw something about donating for it.