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    Hi everyone,
    I noticed something about the swordsman skill (flash) that kinda annoy me. I know it's not a strong skill but it could be very usefull. The thing is you have to stand very close to the enemy to perform the move. Why don't make it the same distance as headbutt (MA skill) to use it. I know then people will use it more often and would appreciate it that they don't have to run so much and can just directlly attack the enemy from a little long distance. It would also make the balance between fighter and sm a little even. Cause they have those awsome moves like (thunder,final flash,etc.)

    Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english. -Ghoulsworz :dpeace:

    Goodday everyone,
    I have just charged 10dollars on pipiload and got my code without any problems. I went to the main site of DBOG and donated the 10dollar, the website said 100credit has been transferd. I logined in and didn't see no cash points, so I waited a half hour and relogged and still didn't get anything. And the weird thing is when reloged I saw char's that weren't mine. So please if someone can help me contact daneos or something I would really appericiate it. Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english.