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    Show comparisons with the same gear in both DBOG and DBOTW so daneos can see the difference in a ticket. you'll get a direct link to himself that way.

    Ahhh, I getcha. Might just be my brain reading wonkily due to it being early for me still.

    Nahh xD of crouse not the entire day ahaha I was just talking about what Ultranovaxstyle said, that somepeople cannot be here the WHOLE saturday and cannot do the event at all. Thats what Xeoh didn't understood :) because he said: "there's no reason you shouldn't be able to make one(13-15) or the other(22-00). So yea, maybe the one of solutions, is your suggestion.

    There's no way in hell daneos will make the event last an entire day. As i stated before. if any changes are made. one of the 2 hour slots will be moved to another day. 4 hours total a week to DB hunt

    He mean, the WHOLE saturday, that's why I'm making this poll tho.

    Daneos has already previously said that there's no need for another DB hunt. If he ever did decide to add another during the week he would take one of the 2 hour periods from Saturday and move it to the other day.

    We'd still only have the 4 hour total to get them. This is because the DB drop rate is more than double that of what it was in retail. Level 70's can quite comfortably get 2 or more sets a hunt.

    Debuffs, like sleep, slow, confuse, skill lock, Knockdowns. You have to be creative. every class has a counter. You have to get the right accessories and gear to combat what you're fighting and play smart

    bro but how to fight nameks that has anti crit then?

    Diminishing returns is active yes, if the same kind of stun or curse is placed on a player before it runs out in the same combat mode session then the curse will last a shorter amount of time.

    You might actually want to lock it if you say that, We can still post here :D

    as cosmo said its a bank bug now. please use search bar on top right hand corner. this thread subject has been consently been created please research before posting :)

    I locked this thread because its a duplicate

    This is because you stored a 3* ball in your bank and went of to hunt more dragonballs. The game checks your inventory to see which value* balls your currently have and gives you one you do not yet have. This is a "bug" that happened because you banked a ball and didn't carry it with you when hunting for more.

    Also... there are over 42 thousand players in PoB. The vast majority of them have done jack shit towards helping the server in regards to reporting bugs. they are just here to play. There are users who do nothing but Look for and report bugs or glitches and some work on translations and other aspects and expect nothing in return. If you want a title go collect some kiri majjin cons. at least then you'll get a stat boost too ;)

    it should appear in your inventory. Not your quest inventory menu. Make sure you have at lest 1 empty slot too. Someone did it just yesterday after you sent this message. i helped them know what to do on discord.

    Whitestones won't be in cash shop. this has been confirmed by daneos and Aru multiple times

    Any and ALL "P2W" items will be removed and made available through other means or removed (like the upgrade coupons) Pre-Open Beta if for bugs and testing and FIXING . When the server is functional and we have the wipe. anyone abusing bugs will be banned and it if involves items or zeni the items in question will be destroyed.

    So even in open beta there will be white stones and brown boxes in cash shop.

    In a game where you need to upgrade to win, why would you put those items in the cash shop? The cashers will obviously get the upper hand! Just look at GW2, pretty famous and isn't p2w because you can't buy upgrades from the shop.

    That's all unreleased stuff anyone can do with a 1.69 client and running your own server. the files for it exist but no method to obtain except accessing code yet.

    No it's not. left click it from afar and walk closer with it still targeted then use item. i did it a couple of days ago no problem

    He has enough work to do trying to fix things that the community is asking for. He used to be lots more sociable on here and on discord but then each updated causes more complaining from people on here and on the forums. (and now you're one of them too) so he spend less and less time here because people spam tag and complain to him and instead just reads and then fixes the problems.

    You could have simply written a ticket to him explaining what went wrong with the schedule (i already notified him in staff chat but every little helps) and he was asleep at the time due to staying up past 4AM working on updates for you (and everyone else) but you chose to make a thread and demand a prize for a bug or mistake.

    I don't think this thread is constructive to be here more, so i won't post here again.

    Daneos has better things to do than give you an hour extra for an event where it's more than easy enough to get 2 or more full sets withing the 2 hour limit at level 70 (arguably the hardest range to get them) just do it this saturday.

    Calling people stupid isn't the way to correctly get your point of view across. and will lead to this thread being closed by a moderator.

    No one is going to have their gear reset unless someone can prove that the person with those bugged it themselves. End of really.

    As stated here <EVENT>Dragonball Hunt Schedule:

    Please remember you are playing on a test server, not a gaming one. a bug happened due to other things being fixed. No one is entitled to any "compensation or gift" That's just greedy.

    That's why you should add the players in question via right clicking on them. that way you know you always send to the right person by selecting their name in the mailbox