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    That's why you need to have different sets of armour and accessories if you're serious about wanting to be good at PvP. Gotta prep for every class :)

    well yea its impossible to beat them if u dont have anti

    I have no strong opinions on either side. I like being a fighter :D

    My opinion on the turtle book and fighter drink are that all classes should get a specific boost item or none ata ll to make it fair.

    But why would I do that? As I said before on discord. Where is the fun if somebody give you level 70 full geared with ssj and stuff? Where is the fun for you my friend. And I would get ban if I did that you know hahahah.

    You mad cuz fighters only get drunk? hahahaha

    Auto attack him and you will be able to hit them again, It's because you tried to use a skill when you weren't in range for it to happen. Auto attack them at least once first and you'll be able to hit them no problem

    What about the obvious question you're missing. How would they look?

    Would you like for it to pick the same options via umber in regards to face, skin tone,hair colour, hairstyle.

    Because a 'simple' gender change isn't exactly easy. You need to make a decision at the start on what you want your dude to look like, if you want another setup later you'll have to basically transfer every single item / feature and skill to another 'new' character with the same name.

    If it is added it should be in the cash shop. It's aesthetic only, unless you want to change into a girl trutle just for the porn book buff in that case the effect should just be the same for both genders.

    Even if he was botting that screenshot doesn't show anything of the sorts, Just 3 characters with different combos of lowercase L and capital I standing near a ranked machine. He's likely got multiple accounts open on his device (Daneos is okay with this, no problems) and levelled them up together.

    They probably all disappeared at the same time because they were summoned or he turned his computer off. 'real' evidence of a botter is a character teleporting from mob to mob and hitting them or following set instructions like tab, attack, stop, tab, attack, stop. ECT.

    As other people did mention. you should produce proof to staff via ticket system please, Naming and Shaming users publicly on here is against the code of conduct.

    the schedule has had no official changes. The system that activates the dragonball hunt seems to have been affected by the update. Daneos wlil likely fix this by next week.

    It only works once per log-in and your Ask Popo skill can't be on cooldown.

    You have to press the enter key too

    Crit % on gloves doesn't mean it only affects moves that use gloves. they stack together. So does crit rate.

    I personally just like the sub weapon appearing more powerful. doesn't matter which one has the stat on it

    The 'game' hasn't started yet. This is where bugs and hacks are supposed to happen so that the development team can fix it.

    You're playing in a test phase where everything will be deleted and everything will be new and bug-free. If somehow people can bug or hack in open beta and onwards they will receive instant permanent bans. no excuses.

    I donated around 550 usd on this game because i love it. I don't want some buggers to ruin it for me...

    aikarsa Yes. All classes benefit from upgrading their gloves. Any kid skill you use will use your glove stats, As well as any adult skill that doesn't use your subweapon. It's likely that you'll at least use the 2 stuns from the martial artist tree, and the extra damage you get on top of the stun could very well be the difference between you winning or losing. However focus on your sword first and gloves after.

    hsperer the sub weapon gives you attack boosts for your skills that use it. The base attack of your character doesn't increase on your Character window "C" because your character uses only their gloves in auto attacks. If your weapon has something like FOC or SOL or Crit Rate on it then you will see those values go up when you equip it.

    depends on personal playstyle. Do you want to be critting loads or do you want the crit damage when you do get one to be higher damage?

    Personally, with Fighter, i'd go crit % on the gloves and crit % on the stick.

    Then Swordsman, crit rate on gloves and crit % on sword.

    For Crane, physical crit % on both gloves and dan.

    in regards to the Grand chef and ultimate, i'd go for Crit % since they have access to a crit rate buff via the mighty majin tree.

    Every one and their mother knows those items were duplicated by now. The issue here is that you want them all to reset to +0 that is unfair.

    Every user who has one of those weapons or pieces of armour now has it because they bought it from a vendor, Auction house, Or they traded for it from someone else. Whether or not they knew t was bugged at the time is irrelevant. any weapon, item, or armour piece you get from the auction house could have been bugged so it would be unfair to reset it just because it is bugged. That's the point i'm making here. All users who were caught abusing the bug or using 3rd party software has been perma banned so justice was done in that area.

    Lolll, I am jealous? Are you retarded? aikarsa . I understand now that that's not enough reason to ban them since they could have gotten it from someone else but the items were clearly duplicated.

    To change the channel you need to 'exit the world you're currently in' The change channel menu works by logging your character out and then logging them back into the new channel you clicked.

    So the system you want is unlikely to happen due to how it works. SSJ is not essential and more often than not limits your gameplay due to the ep drain. The idea sounds nice but i don't think it would be worth investing time into.

    First of all. Naming and shaming is against the rules. If you have a player report you need to write to staff directly here .

    Second. Simply seeing someone with the same weapon or armour, etc. Is not 'proof' that person bugged it. What happened was that a few individuals bugged their items and then put them up on the auction house and gave them out to their friends and guilds. These people who received the items did not bug or hack. and most are innocent.

    How would you feel if you bought a +15 item and then because someone scanned a few peoples gear and complained, you lost it? Not fair to you so it's not fair on them Those who actually used the bugs and hacks to make/clone these weapons have been banned.

    Now if you would like an opinion from the moderators you can click their pages to PM them by clicking these, Aru Celestial Titania  User 8974 Ayame

    I have a Crane, Turtle, and a Swordsman all with SSJ :D i tend to use my DW and karma at the moment though. easier to farm with.

    I think the Super Saiyan title here just means i never shut up? :D BTW i'll be back on discord in a day or two, i'm not at home for now


    Oh dang it i saw ssj hahaha my bad but I know you from discord too and in game you aint one.


    Any and all unbannings have been done so after their bugged items have been discarded/removed. If they have more that means someone else has given more or that they used more stones.

    People who hack or use 3rd party programs get an instant perma ban and no chance of getting it back. People who abuse bugs are given 1 temp ban and then a perma one if caught again. It's on the game policy page for all to see.


    Funny they say its perma ban but many accounts have been unbanned lol