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    Hi guys, it's been a long time since i dont play DBOG, but recently found the Open Beta is near !!! I really need advice on a good farming and versatile class to play as first character (not dark warrior please, i have one at lvl 47 and really sucks, 17k lp, 2.4k defenses and still die like a fighter but with no dmg).

    Im looking for one who can solo farm/grind easy, and usefull in UDs.

    So, you complain about people borrowing or selling +15 armors. Your solution? Lets bind all the gear and make you pay for unbind.

    Oh boy, cashers would still have advantage over noncashers, but nvm. Its for making the game not pay to win haha

    Nerf all the gear stats because they will implement more lvls (70+) but they dont implement the lvls.

    Blind the gear because they will implement the unblind coins, but they dont implement the coin drop (only cash shop).

    Nerf DW because its a pure pve character, now you cant even do the UD2 for your friends.

    GGWP, I quit.

    Hi DragonBallOnline Global Community !

    I just realized that this game was made to play in group, with smart and efficient teamwork. Even if i search a lot for guides, i really miss one talking about "how to make a party", the needs, strategies, roles...

    If someone of you, with all your in-game knowledge, could answer this thread (for me, and all the players interested in this issue), would be so nice !

    I was thinking something like: "Ok, let's see what Every Team needs: 1- Dende 2- Tank 3- Damage dealer (Area) 4-Damage dealer (single) 5-Buffer (stats) 6- Speed boost (speed CC)"

    Now i really want to find a race and class to be usefull in every party ( UDs, TMQs, High lvl CCs..) I thought about Dark Warrior, Poko Priest, Dende Priest, Karma majin, Plasma Majin, Grand Cheff and Ultimate Majin. But again, im too new to decide wich is better overall for making work a great and friendly UD/Tmq spam.

    That's all i wanted to know, i appreciate all your help !

    Bueno y por no hablar de los compañeros que sean Swordman, porque el fighter aun puede esquivar algo ¿pero ellos? Bajan el daño critico, bajan el % de los stuns (si los mobs te dodgean 3 de cada 4, imaginate en pvp).

    Pero no, no digas nada que sino quedas como un noob que quiere las cosas faciles.

    Luego estan los tipicos "pero si llevas antibleed no te ganan".

    Pero tio, ya te tienes que gastar 500kk en antibleeds y el otro no tiene que comprarse nada? Aunque no te pegue de bleed, tiene 25k de hp y tu como humano tienes 4-6 como mucho. Ademas que no le quitas nada porque tiene una defensa de la ostia, por no decir que te pegan de daño magico.

    En fin si la gente lo entiende, pero no lo quiere decir porque ellos ya tienen su antibleed y su equipo de mas de 2.000 kk, pero un fighter normal no puede jugar a este juego. Lamentable

    Oh Boy !! I just entered DBO to farm and lvl up, last week i could lvl up my fighter from 34 to 37 in 2 hours, farming mobs 1v1 with kaioken, 3 hits and dead, i dodged a lot and with +650 hit rate i almost never failed attacks.

    But wait ! Daneos decided to nerf humans, now the same mobs with 300 dodge rate can even dodge 2 of my attacks in a row, i fail almost all the stuns and they hit me more than i hit them. I have more dodge rate than mobs, i have more hit rate than mobs but nvm, and even some of you think this is a "good update". Yes, good if you are not human.

    So, my solution? Lets make a Sk or a buffer, because if i have to die, revive, respawn, buy pots... and then go to pvp and lose... fck off man, lets abandone my fighter.

    Oh man! What we have here? A tank class dealing more damage than a DPS class? Ooooooh, and you dare to say this is balanced xd

    Hey! The best thing you can do is stop playing. I full leveled a character to 30 in 2 days, i made my build and decided to choose the SK, and when i do the SubClass quest, Korin doesnt give me the sub-weapon for the quest. This quest was bugged 1 week ago, and i have been 1 week wthout playing, i only entered to see if Daneos fixed that, but no. So no problem, play another games, not this bugserver. We will wait until the full released game. By the way, remember that if you play 100 hours here, you have to start from the begining in the full game, so if u cant play now, dont think you are "wasting your opportunity" to play DBO again, just wait. We waited for 3 years, so 2 or 3 months arent a big deal.