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    Can somebody help me?
    When I gave Korin Spell to Hada and accepted the quest, the other NPC Aizi didn't give any quest.
    What do I do?

    Shoh go back and read page 3 most the information there might be a big help to you, it's a chance that you might have already talked to Aizi and now you just need to go to Velmer in City Gateway, or Gila in Great Tree

    Lol every single situation so far seems to be a situation where people may have already completed a ton of the quest and are just missing one part of the quest, I guess the great tree WOULD be the next step in the process of this guide so that is also a place of looking, I should have thought about that!

    But with all that said in done, that could be a solution to the issue that everyone's been having! So I guess we should just keep posting our personal solutions to our issues to make this one particular problem nonexistent

    Yes, he had the Adult quest activated, but Aizi doesn't give him any quest, so I took him to the girl in City Gateway but nothing again. I've taken him to every NPC of these quests and nothing.

    Maybe you guys had problem like me. I did pretty much every God dam quest in game till level 50 that was working. And what I did next was use of Korin spell, completed that quest and went straight to that guard and i went to Korin. He then gave me quest for becoming adult and MC. Try that.

    You could possibly try going with what Spopaj said and see if that works, OR you can try and do every quest in the City Gateway area to see if her quest pops up after doing all the quest in said area.

    Also just gotta make it like clear that this is a level 30 quest, so that is another thing. My top recommendation is just trying to do all the quest in the City Gateway area (All the quest in the upper right corner of the map) and see if that works once the server next jumps on again

    A friend is trying it and that girls doesn't give him any quest.

    Did he have the Korin quest item active and everything?

    At this point I don't really know the situation myself, I was able to get my own problem fixed because I had completed multiple quest in the area previously and I just had to go back to finish her quest, I mean it is worth the effort to try and complete other quest in the area and see if her's pops up?

    If it's not that I couldn't say, anything else would just be a bunch of speculation.

    (Not that this isn't all just a bunch of speculation on my part already lol.)

    Just to clarify, you DID click on the ticket to have the adult quest spawn right? Because as far as I know, that's the only way to start the quest chain, and the ticket could only drop after the game's recent update. Sorry if I sound like a broken record for some reason, I just want to understand your whole situation.

    Ok so, to give you a full run down, I had just completed all of Red Ruins training area (Left side of the forest) And I had moved on towards the right side of the map City Area and went into that small group and started completing a bunch of quest.

    I don't know if this is fully possible, but it could be that talking to Aizi about going towards the City Area may have been possible before the actual adult update, but the adult update questline wasn't actually implemented until recently, causing a bit of a small disconnected?

    Like there was nothing wrong or bugged with my game, it was just the fact that I had already done it, and I was confused on why I wasn't able to talk to Aizi about going to City Area and some people were also confused about that as well, thinking that its bugged, or immediately trying to go to Sheila. Also when you accept the quest (Korin's Spell) for the first time, it tells you to go to Hada, then Hada's quest tells you to go to Aizi.


    Here's a picture of the situation, I've right clicked the quest item, and it told me to talk to Aizi, but seeing as I had already talked to Aizi a long time ago and just didn't know I had, so this aspect of the quest was already complete, and I just had to go complete the boar quest in the City Area.

    ... ?
    I don't think that's possible when the update only came a few hours ago.

    That strange because, I've done Aizi's quest before, and was in the city area, before the server went down I was doing quest to prepare for Adult (Getting to level 30) When I actually GOT the item to start the Korin quest, I was confused to why Aizi wasn't telling me anything or promoting me to go towards the quest in that area, turns out I'd had already started doing quest in that area. Maybe I was I'm high class stupid and just forgot that I did the quest in the area after the whole Adult quest update, then again, I doubt that because most of my time during the Adult quest update was waiting for boxes to spawn.